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Our Holy Grail Beauty Round Up


We know a thing or two about the beauty game, so Team Freck & I decided to round up our holy grail products. This post was actually intended to be our newest favorite products going into the fall season, but I realized we’ve never talked about the products we love and use every day (and have been for years). With the help of Des, Jasmine & Zina, we pulled together our ultimate Hair, Skincare, Body Care & Makeup products, so let’s get into it!


Sup boos. I’m (Des) in charge of letting you know what I do every day for my skin. I’ve suffered from cystic acne in the past along with milias and dermatitis on my neck, hairline, t-zone & eyebrows which gets flared up by white wine & stress (maybe my two fav things?).

To start the day I use the Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 that Remi turned me onto and follow that with Sunday Reilly Good Genes all in one lactic acid treatment. I get milias, which are hard calcium deposits (tiny lil cysts) that grow under your skin- and since I’ve been using Good Genes I haven’t had a single one.

I follow that with our brand new Freck Cactus Seed Dry Serum, her name is Lil Prick and she’s perfect. The ultimate day and night serum because I’m DRY AF. Usually with serums I feel like they sit on your skin rather than sinking in (which is why people wear them at night because it makes you oily), but Lil Prick is perfect for any time use because it works with your makeup and won’t leave you shiny throughout the day. If you’re super dry like me, you can pair this with our Cactus + Vitamin C Moisturizer (she’s named Rich Bitch). I know that was the ultimate strip tease, but we’ll be talking a lot more about our new collection super soon.

Follow that with an eye jelly (sorry, can’t tease that new Freck product yet but you know it’s gonna be fire). Your future self withthank you. Then makeup.

In the evening I do all that again except not the lactic acid treatment (which can be too harsh for your skin twice a day), but I add a two extra steps. First, Sunday Reilly’s CEO brightening serum has me lit by the time I wake up. Again, I’m v dry so I use Lil Prick and a second serum to really lock in moisture while I’m sleeping.


freckles makeup
LANEIGE | Water Sleeping Mask

Next for night time, I use my new product obsession: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. So. Hydrating. It’s honestly one of my favorite products I’ve ever used in my life. Thank you K beauty, yet again. It smells bomb and I feel like the texture of my skin is more even since I’ve started using it. I have acne scarring so that’s huge for me.

Also, this goes without saying but make sure you get your makeup all the way off before you start your evening routine. I get on Remi sometimes about not getting her mascara all the way off at night. Gotta let those pores breathe, girl. I go to town with those Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, and I also keep a pack by my bed just in case I’ve had a crazy day and need to be up for a meeting with London at 5am, like I did today. COO life, bb 🙂

Also, Botox.

xo, Des (Chief Operations Officer)


If there is anything I’m (Zina) known for, it’s my smooth baby butt skin. (Weird? Probably.) I LOVE the shower . . . I could literally spend hours rinsing off and exfoliating. My body regime in the shower or bath makes me feel grounded & routine, and is also my time to think. Self love babe, gotta make time for it.

freckles makeup
Lush | Cup O’ Coffee

Starting off with the AM. My morning routines have become my fav part of the day, but I will admit that it is a little hard to jump right into it some days. I’ve been loving Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee to wake me up in my morning showers — first, because I love all things coffee, the taste, the smell, ALL of it. Second, the exfoliation on this body mask is amazing & the perfect coarseness for my skin.

Lush | Therapy Massage Bar

For my daily body moisturizer, I have always stuck with Jergens’ Original Scent lotion. This lotion is my shit. My whole life I have always had dry skin and struggled with psoriasis — a weird skin condition we don’t have to get into it. So, it’s safe to say that I literally can NOT deal with dry skin, it actually makes me a little anxious. Now, if I wanna pull out the big guns for moisture I turn to Lush’s Organic Therapy Massage Bar. I can go on and on and on about how this is probably the best thing in the world to apply to your skin before you go to bed. Not only does it smell amazing, but there’s actually organic lavender oil in it which, is actually tested and proven to mellow out you’r brain before bed, and I’m not one to turn that kind of combo down.

freckles makeup
ZLUX | Bath Bomb

What else starts with a “Z” and is luxurious? I know, crazy, not me hehe. There’s a brand called ZLUX sold on Amazon and I have been obsessed with their bath bomb gift set since I was sent some as a birthday gift. They specialize in creating not only an amazing bath bomb that smells good and looks pretty, but also pain relief?! Which I was a little skeptical about but, holy shit these bath bombs really helped relieve the pain in my lower back. They use only organic oils and minerals which helps with making your skin feeling super smooth. Seriously. Obsessed.

Now, the last thing that has really helped me with my body care is using a micro-needle. I was really unsure if I wanted to use this product, but I saw so many good reviews so I just went for it. I picked one that had three detachable heads, one for your eye, face and body. Let me tell you, my life changed. I’m using the body micro-needle for my neck and collarbone area and I can never go back. Using mirco-needles help produce more collagen in your skin, and it has really helped firm and clear up my skin and body.

xo, Zina (Social Media Management)


I’m assuming, since you’re here, that you love makeup. So, I’m (Jasmine) not even going to write an intro. You already know what’s up. 🙂

Other than the fact that I love to support my boo Riri, this foundation changed my life. This is the first foundation that has actually matched my skin tone. For the longest time, I’ve had to mix my own foundation and it was still always a little off. Rihanna definitely hit it out of the park by creating 40 shades.

freckles makeup
FENTY BEAUTY | Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

I absolutely love the MAC studio fix perfecting loose powder it gives a nice clean matte finish to my face once my foundation has been applied and absorbs all type of shine — it looks just like my skin. My holy grail mascara is the Maybelline Colossal Big Shot. I find myself always coming back to this mascara. After 10 years of using this baby, I don’t see myself straying far. It extends my lashes, makes them full, and give my eyes a bright dramatic edge.

I always start my eye off with the NYX Professional Makeup Slim black liner to reach creases and edges that I don’t go near with liquid eyeliner.. you only make that mistake 2-3 time tops, lol. This liner gives the corners of my eyes and water line that dark smokey look. I then go ahead with my wing liner and use the Elf Cosmetics Expert Liquid Eyeliner. With this liquid line, I can make the perfect wing tip to add that femininity to my face.

freckles makeup
L’OREAL | True Match Concealer

Once my eyes are complete I contour my under eye with the L’oreal- True Match Concealer. The True Match Concealer will always be a staple in my makeup bag. It’s the only product that matches my skin tone without leaving a grey tint on my face. I then set my under eye and contour with the Maybelline- Fit Me Matte + Poreless powder, it instantly brightens my face & makes me look more awake.

Most do their brows first, but I leave these for one of my last steps. I use the Maybelline -New York Brow Drama Palette for my brows and once they’re lined with a brow pencil I go in with this palette. It gives a realistic brow without an aggressive shade.

MAX | Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

As soon as my brows are filled in and fleeky, I use the MAC Studio Finish Concealer to clean up the edges and make them as sharp as possible. I love this particular concealer because it goes on smooth and covers my brows if they are not in the best shape. I’m a “less is more” kinda girl, so I love the MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder for my contour. It gives a subtle, natural contour and will accentuate the natural curves to my face. I apply this just under my cheekbones and around my forehead.

And that’s it! These are the items that I reach for on the daily and couldn’t live without.

– Jasmine (Sales+Production)

Here’s the thing, I’m (Remi) obsessed with hair. If I say, “Oh wow, they’re gorgeous”, I’m usually looking at their locks, not their bone structure. My aunt is a hairdresser & Alexa Chung has been my North Star for all things fashion & beauty since I can remember, which is why hair is undoubtedly #1 for me.
I have the greasiest hair. It’s super fine and there is a lot of it, so I have to switch between hair products on the regular because otherwise my hair will become accustomed to it & will get greasier, faster. On top of that, my hair does this really cool thing where on day two the top get’s greasy and flat while the bottom gets dry and frizzy. Triangle hair. Poodle hair. You know the look. So it’s always this balancing act of adding volume up top while taming the bottom without using too much product in it (hello greasy build up). So, here are the products that I am constantly rotating between to get my look: part English punk part California beach hair, unbrushed & undone. Hilariously, there are about 10 steps to making it look like I rolled out of bed without even looking in a mirror . . .
Let’s start with the shower. I’ve always been someone who should really wash their hair every day. My hair looks best when I wash it in the morning. Add some wave spray and leave it tucked behind my ears until it dries. But come on, I’m running a business over here and who has time to do a full wash every morning? Not me.
My favorite shampoo & conditioner is Aveda’s Shampure line. It’s perfect for that squeaky clean vibe that this grease ball needs. When my hair gets used to that I switch over to Aveda’s Smooth Infusion duo for a couple days. I use a bear claw comb in the shower with my conditioner because my hair is the MOST TANGLED MESS you’ve ever seen in your life. Seriously, every hairdresser I’ve ever been to says, “I’ve never seen anything like this”. After that, I squeeze all the water out with my towel and use my trifecta: Wella Ocean Spritz all over, Oribe Matte Waves on the top & Momo Hair Potion (leave in conditioner) on the bottom. I let that shit dry behind my ears and I’m good to go. Once it dries I hit it with the slightest bit ofAveda Shampure Dry Shampoo & Aveda Control Force hairspray which leaves my hair a little less slippery but keeps the shine. I also keep a travel-sized Ouai Wave Spray in my purse at all times because it’s the best wave spray to use on dry hair throughout the day.
freckles makeup
ORIBE | Matte Waves
My hair also literally will not hold a style if its life depended on it. Basically, it has two settings: natural wave & slightly wavier for approximately one hour before it goes back to normal. If I’m attempting to style, I spray the shit out of it with Aveda Control Force hairspray (can you tell I have an Aveda problem yet?) and then style it. This is controversial. People say it’ll fry your hair to use heat on top of the product. But hey, I think my hair looks pretty healthy so I’m gonna keep doing it. To add volume to the crown of my head I use Design Me’s Puff Me powder or L’Oreal Texture Expert True Grip. They’re similar, but again my hair gets used to product so I have to switch between. This stuff is like cement. Don’t go dumping it on top of your head. Lift up hair pieces and lightly sprinkle. I also love Ouai’s Soft Mousse if I’m going to style my hair right after I shower & blow dry it.
freckles makeup
QUAI | Wave Spray
Dry shampoo is life. The literal love of my life is Aveda’s Shampure dry shampoo. It is my #1 hair product, hand down my holy grail, I would honestly cry if they discontinued it. This product doesn’t lose its efficiently when it comes to my hair. My only qualm is that it’s white and my hair is darkish brown. For days when I need to bring out the big dogs, I’ll use Shampure and Living Proof’s PhD aerosol dry shampoo.
xo, Remi (Founder + CEO)
There it is, Team Freck’s ultimate holy grail beauty round-up. Which one was your favorite? Do you have any holy grail products, I’m always looking for excuses to rationalize my product addiction? Sound off in the comments.

xo Remi + Team Freck

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