So You Got Burned Over the Holiday.. Now What

My aesthetic education is rooted in European tradition, and I am an ingredient junky—a skintellectual. When speaking with my clients I discuss much more than just their skin. My process educates them on proper diet, maintaining appropriate stress levels, and an overall healthy mind, body & spirit. My goal is to share my knowledge with those around me, so everyone can have the opportunity to experience radiant skin.  Image Credit Michael Tyrone Delaney With a long holiday weekend, I like […]

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The Ultimate Beauty Services Giveaway: Los Angeles Edition

LOS ANGELES, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU Freck is so excited to announce our *fattest* giveaway to date: Los Angeles, this ones for you. Our founder Remi Brixton has teamed up with LA’s lash extension guru to round up the best beauty services in Los Angeles. Hair, nails, massage, facials, we got you. Remi & Amanda Robinson of Iris+West Lash Co. met 5 years ago on a porch in Silver Lake and the rest is history. After an immediate friendship, Remi […]

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3 Easy Last Minute Halloween Looks

LAST MINUTE COSTUMES If you’re anything like Team Freck then you might have waited last minute to get your costume ideas flowing this Halloween. Good thing we got you covered. Here are 3 last-minute costumes that you could put together with some items that you already have in your closet. Let’s get into it! ROSIE THE RIVETER The cultural icon of World War II, who represented the women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II. A MIME This […]

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