The Ultimate Beauty Services Giveaway: Los Angeles Edition

LOS ANGELES, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU Freck is so excited to announce our *fattest* giveaway to date: Los Angeles, this ones for you. Our founder Remi Brixton has teamed up with LA’s lash extension guru to round up the best beauty services in Los Angeles. Hair, nails, massage, facials, we got you. Remi & Amanda Robinson of Iris+West Lash Co. met 5 years ago on a porch in Silver Lake and the rest is history. After an immediate friendship, Remi […]

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Freck in NY: 11/8 – 12/30

NYC POP UP Hell fuckin yeah, we’re coming for the big apple to launch our brand spankin new Cactus Collection, which drops today. POP UP LOCATION & TIME 347 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013 11AM – 7PM Daily, from 11/8-12/30, closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Our new products are all cactus based because let’s be real, it’s hella beneficial for your skin and we’re here to give you that good good. The new line includes FORECLAY (Cactus Clay Mask), RICH BITCH (Vitamin C + […]

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The Cactus Collection: It’s FINALLY Here

THE CACTUS COLLECTION We’re dropping some new shit today, so we wanted to take a moment to tell y’all about what each of these new creatures brings to the table. Say hello to the three members of our Cactus Collection who are early to the parry: FORECLAY (Cactus Clay Mask), RICH BITCH (Cactus + Vitamin C Moisturizer), + SO JELLY (Cactus Eye Jelly). FORECLAY Born from the idea that not all clay masks are created equally, FORECLAY pays homage to your favorite clay […]

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