Freck FAQS

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is Freck? Being the original faux freckle cosmetic we get questions about our product & company on the daily. With that being said we thought we would compose a little FAQ blog post for y’all. Here are some A’s to your Q’s. IS FRECK WATERPROOF? Freck is long wear but it is not waterproof. Meaning you can rock that shiz all day, but hoping in the pool will make them disappear. Yes, you can work out […]

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Freck Fall Fashion Roundup

WE’RE READY FOR FALL With the seasons changing, Team Freck and I have been talking about our predictions for fall and winter trends. With that, we put together our favorite looks to show you babes what Team Freck is going to be rocking this season.. proudly presenting our first Freck Fashion Roundup. Let’s get to it!   IN THE OFFICE There is just something about a plaid blazer that screams “Fall” to me, and this Anine Bing number is no […]

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Fake Freckles Tutorial

Looks by Lexington | Fake Freckles Tutorial

THIS IS HOW YOU GET IT DONE. You gotta practice in order to get your liner sharp af & your highlight poppin; think of Freck just the same. You gotta give it a couple go’s to get your perfect freckled look just right. Our favorite Freck looks range from subtle fresh bb faces to unique artistic approaches to uber-realistic full faces. Team Freck and I always look through our tagged images on Instagram and always ask, “can this be a fake […]

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