Freck in NY: 11/8 – 12/30

NYC POP UP Hell fuckin yeah, we’re coming for the big apple to launch our brand spankin new Cactus Collection, which drops today. POP UP LOCATION & TIME: 347 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013 11AM – 7PM Daily, from 11/8-12/30, closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Our new products are all cactus based because let’s be real, it’s hella beneficial for your skin and we’re here to give you that good good. The new line includes FORECLAY (Cactus Clay Mask), RICH BITCH (Vitamin C + […]

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The Cactus Collection: It’s FINALLY Here

THE CACTUS COLLECTION We’re dropping some new shit today, so we wanted to take a moment to tell y’all about what each of these new creatures brings to the table. Say hello to the three members of our Cactus Collection who are early to the parry: FORECLAY (Cactus Clay Mask), RICH BITCH (Cactus + Vitamin C Moisturizer), + SO JELLY (Cactus Eye Jelly).     FORECLAY Born from the idea that not all clay masks are created equally, FORECLAY pays homage to your […]

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How To Get Freckles

HOW TO GET FRECKLES It’s the name of our game, literally. To everyone that asks us why you wouldn’t just use a brow pencil to make your Freckles, we have thoughts.. #1) FRECK, DUH Obviously, we’re going to tell you that Freck is the only way how to get freckles safely, but that’s because it is. Freck has been in the works for four years, and we searched the world for the ultimate realistic freckle that lasts all day & […]

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3 Easy Last Minute Halloween Looks

LAST MINUTE COSTUMES If you’re anything like Team Freck then you might have waited last minute to get your costume ideas flowing this Halloween. Good thing we got you covered. Here are 3 last-minute costumes that you could put together with some items that you already have in your closet. Let’s get into it! ROSIE THE RIVETER The cultural icon of World War II, who represented the women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II.     A […]

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Halloween Movie Night

Halloween Movie Night Marathon

GET THE POPCORN READY.. Our first ever Freck Movie Night Marathon, and what better way to start it off then with the Halloween season. Team Freck has been chatting at the office about our favorites of the moment on Netflix, Prime and Hulu and wanted to share them with you babes. Enjoy the Halloween Movie Night movie list. NETFLIX The Conjuring What better way to start off your movie night than with one based on true stories? This one is […]

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Get Your Freck On

LA: Get Your Freck On 10/14

WE IN DA BUILDING This is for our LA bbs, we wanna see you! Freck is thrilled to team up with Kendra Scott at her Winter Launch event hosted by our very own Social Media Manager, Zina. Come get your Freck on, say hi, and enjoy some sips and savors from The Palm Coffee Bar. Who knows, there might be some Freck in your future ; ) Join us from 3-5PM at Kendra Scott at The Point! Event location: Kendra Scott | The […]

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faux freckle cosmetic

Where'd I Get The Money?

BUT WHERE DID YOU GET THE MONEY? If you’ve been following Freck for at least a couple months, you probably saw “How I Launched a Cosmetic Company from Scratch.” If you haven’t, checked it out if you are interested in what it’s like/ how to launch a beauty brand like this faux freckle cosmetic line! It’s everything I wish I had known when I conceptualized & launched Freck. A week or two after it was published, Des & I were […]

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freckles makeup

Our Holy Grail Beauty Round Up

HEAVY ROTATION We know a thing or two about the beauty game, so Team Freck & I decided to round up our holy grail products. This post was actually intended to be our newest favorite products going into the fall season, but I realized we’ve never talked about the products we love and use every day (and have been for years). With the help of Des, Jasmine & Zina, we pulled together our ultimate Hair, Skincare, Body Care & Makeup […]

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Off the Remy: Early Thousands Hip Hop Playlist

I GOT THE MAGIC STICK.. Ah yes.. the early thousands (are we calling these the aughts? I really DK). Tattoo chokers, snap bracelets, mood rings, and scrunchies– it was a LOOK. You might be thinking this playlist is a grungey love letter since I’m from Seattle, but no, this bb is all about early thousands hip hop. I’m not joking when I say this is my favorite playlist Freck has released to date. By FAR. Some of these tunes I […]

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faux freckles

Freck FAQS

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is Freck? Being the original faux freckle cosmetic we get questions about our product & company on the daily. With that being said we thought we would compose a little FAQ blog post for y’all. Here are some A’s to your Q’s. IS FRECK WATERPROOF? Freck is long wear but it is not waterproof. Meaning you can rock that shiz all day, but hoping in the pool will make them disappear. Yes, you can work out […]

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