Playlist: Cool For School

THIS WAS HELLA FUN. Let’s set the scene: Seattle, September 2007. I’m a sophomore in High School. It’s the days of American Apparel jumpsuits, puffy plaid vests with fur trims and the haircut. The word “indy” is flying around like a bat out of hell. I’m brimming with 16-year-old angst, inseparable from my bff Brianna, stealing my parents’ car at night, sneaking smokes during passing period, you know the kid. Such a little nightmare. I hated school, but I look back on […]

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LA: What to do Before Summer Ends

MAKE IT COUNT. It’s official y’all, summer comes to end September 22nd, and yeah.. we’re bummed about it. Hence our Summer Bummer playlist from last week. Even though we’re ugly crying, there are still plenty of things left to do before autumn begins. For those who live in Los Angeles, we put a little list together of activities you NEED to check out! DAY TRIP Take a trip to Temecula Valley and visit the wineries and vineyards. Here are a […]

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Trust Me On The Sunscreen

HI BBS. Today’s post is equal parts funny, inspiration, and wisdom. It was originally written by Mary Schmich as a hypothetical commencement speech for the class of 1999 and was published in the Chicago Tribune. Later, Baz Luhrmann mixed it into the spoken word song below. This actually became famous because it was the subject of a viral email in the early thousands (!!), does anyone on here remember that on their first email accounts? My friend Ben shared this […]

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