The Ultimate Palm Springs Guide

HEY FRECK FAM, I’m so excited to be coming at you with our very first city guide! Travel is so important to me, so far in 2018 I’ve been to SF, New Mexico, Detroit, London, Iceland, Joshua Tree, Seattle, NYC, Palm Springs, Arizona, Berlin, Nashville & Portland. I save my doll hairs like a mother, take side jobs, and do anything I can to make travel happen. Since deciding to regularly post to the blog, the very first thing I […]

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Playlist: Summer Bummer

SUMMER BUMMER: when you know it’s almost over but you’re living in denial. Rounding up my favorite tracks into the perfect end of summer playlist.. and crying into my beach towel. Ya feel? Check out the playlist below to partake in sad denial. Enjoy, hit the beach, and live up what’s left of this Summer heat y’all. xo, Remi ⚡️

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Freck Tutorial & INTERNATIONAL Giveaway

Shoutout to the DMs we get every day asking when Freck is going international : )  <3  There are a couple photos on our Insta that are by far our most loved content, and they’re all from Its Likely Makeup‘s face tat tutorial. (Check it out below.) The amount of love of these posts have gotten is insane, so we figured we’d do a lil giveaway for you guys. Follow the directions below to enter and win the cosmetics she’s using in […]

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