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Free Returns, Babe

  If You’ve Been Waiting For a Sign, This Is It. Since the beginning of Freck, the original fake freckles beauty company, we’ve had a no returns policy. We’re a tiny business and up until recently we didn’t even have a label printer or know how to process returns. Oh, how the times have changed. : ) As we’ve grown and taken on a bigger operations team, we’re thrilled to announce that we are finally introducing a FREE returns policy. […]

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Freck Launches in Europe!

Carpe fuckin diem. When I was 6 years old I visited England for the first time and stayed the summer in Forrest Hill, London. We traded houses with another family, and spent 8 weeks exploring England. It was that summer than I became a full-blown Anglophile & was completely obsessed with Europe in general. The fashion, attitude & grit shaped me as a person from then on. Flash forward ten years: I’m getting ready to go to college & am […]

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Fourth of July playlist

Playlist: Fourth of July BBQ

Freck Fam! Ok, so we’re a day late posting this, but whatever. We shared our Freck Fouth of July Party Playlist via Instagram & email yesterday, but I want it to live on forever on the web! I love this playlist so much and have seriously been listening to it all week. So, without further ado.. If you came here for Bruce Springsteen, sorry. The Boss is out of the office today so crank up these summer bangers, xerox your […]

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