5 Must Have Editing Apps

DO IT FOR THE GRAM We all know how it goes when you take an amazing photo on your phone and need to post it to the gram ASAP. It’s probably the worst feeling ever when you don’t have your computer handy to edit your photo to pure perfection, so we decided to put a list together of the 5 editing apps to have on your mobile device to edit your photos on the go. LIGHTROOM MOBILE Yeah, did you […]

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The Best Chrome and Gmail Plugins

LET’S GET PRODUCTIVE One time I asked my genius friend (who is always trying to hack life) what his favorite Chrome plugins were and his response was, “wow, you’re even more of a nerd than I am”. That being said, I constantly find myself preaching the plugin/ lifehack gospel- because without these little babies life on my MacBook would be a lot more inconvenient. That being said, Team Freck & I are sharing our favorite Chrome and Gmail plugins that make […]

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Morning Routine for the 1 Hour Snoozer (Hi, It Me)

“I ONLY LOVE MY BED AND MY MAMA, I’M SORRY” -DRAKE We’re in our late 20s, and it’s time to get our shit together. I don’t know if I ever will, but Team Freck was recently talking about our favorite morning hacks and routines before we tackle day-to-day startup life. The way you wake up sets the tone for your day, so we thought we’d compose a little morning routine for you snoozers. Here are some of Me, Des, Zina […]

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