Real Life Muses: Alyssa in the City

We’re Poppin up! That’s right, you heard us. Alyssa Coscarelli or as you may know her, @alyssainthecity and Freck are coming to you IRL with So Major :). Here’s our exclusive interview with her on how she’s taking over the pop-up world and how you can get your exclusive Freck bundle. Image credit @alyssainthecity Freck OG in that teeny tiny little bottle because eeeeep, it’s just so cute and transportable and gives me the subtle freckles I’ve always dreamed of! I […]

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3 Records to Ease You Into Fall

Is there really a sound of summer? Yes, there definitely is.  If you missed our summer playlists filled with candy-sweet altpop & 80s bangers, make sure to check them out on our IG highlights. But as we’re easing into fall, the last long days of the year seem to be slipping through our fingers and nostalgia prematurely sets in. We’re in need of some two-part substance: records that A) are still upbeat enough for Saturday day-brews at the park and […]

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Jessalyn Brooks Artist Interview

Real Life Muses: Jessalyn Brooks

Our inaugural Real Life Muse is someone I’ve been following on the gram for literal years. Jessalyn Brooks is one of those people who seem to be able to do everything, while somehow oozing sublime East LA coolness. She’s a jazz singer, painter, contemporary dancer, vintage clothing dealer, the list goes on. If you’ve found yourself here today for inspiration, buckle in.    I started painting and drawing again about 2 years ago. I used to paint and draw as […]

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