Remi's Must have Products So Jelly and Cactus Water

Introducing OOZEpaper: Love Letters from Remi

If you’ve placed an order in the last month, you’ve noticed that we’re shipping OOZEpaper with every order. It’s our new limited edition zine that ships with every order & is placed around LA, NY & LDN in the chicest hangs. Expect a steady flow of content hitting your inbox from now on.. your Freck drip. To kick things off, we’re sharing Remi’s Summer 19 Editor’s note. When I look at Freck Beauty, I see hundreds of faces: those who […]

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Freck in NY: 11/8 – 12/30

NYC POP UP Hell fuckin yeah, we’re coming for the big apple to launch our brand spankin new Cactus Collection, which drops today. POP UP LOCATION & TIME 347 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013 11AM – 7PM Daily, from 11/8-12/30, closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Our new products are all cactus based because let’s be real, it’s hella beneficial for your skin and we’re here to give you that good good. The new line includes FORECLAY (Cactus Clay Mask), RICH BITCH (Vitamin C + […]

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Halloween Movie Night Marathon

GET THE POPCORN READY.. Our first ever Freck Movie Night Marathon, and what better way to start it off then with the Halloween season. Team Freck has been chatting at the office about our favorites of the moment on Netflix, Prime and Hulu and wanted to share them with you babes. Enjoy the Halloween Movie Night movie list.   NETFLIX The Conjuring What better way to start off your movie night than with one based on true stories? This one […]

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