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Freck Launches in Europe!

Carpe fuckin diem. When I was 6 years old I visited England for the first time and stayed the summer in Forrest Hill, London. We traded houses with another family, and spent 8 weeks exploring England. It was that summer than I became a full-blown Anglophile & was completely obsessed with Europe in general. The fashion, attitude & grit shaped me as a person from then on. Flash forward ten years: I’m getting ready to go to college & am […]

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How I Launched a Cosmetic Brand From Scratch

  Hey everyone! This is Remi, the founder & CEO of Freck, and I have a blog that’s extremely close to my heart coming at cha today. I went to school for interior design & marketing, so I often get the question “how tf did you figure out how to launch a cosmetic brand?” Warning, this post is super long, but I don’t think there’s anything this in depth on the internet, and if this helps even one person get […]

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Temporary Freckle cosmetic

How to Get Temporary Freckles with Freck

While the idea of completely smooth skin was once a priority in front of the camera — and in life in general — there’s something new, something better on the horizon that’s giving everyone a break from the unnatural and unnecessary airbrushed expectations: temporary freckles. Having this added characteristic is now considered timeless, beautiful, sexy- and of course, ~cute~ Not only is it a trend sweeping both the Fashion and Entertainment industries, it’s a great way to change your look […]

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