Freckles Makeup

freckles makeup

Freck Halloween Tutorials 2018

HALLOWEEN FRECK TUTORIALS Halloween season is officially in full swing at Freck HQ and we’re coming at you with our first Halloween looks and IGTVs. Eek, exciting. Take a peek at how we’re using freckles makeup this season and get inspired bbs. A big thank you to Samuel & Hayley for helping us out with these looks. Let’s get spooky! xo, Team Freck   Featured image credit | @saraontheinternet

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Fake Freckles Tutorial

Looks by Lexington | Fake Freckles Tutorial

THIS IS HOW YOU GET IT DONE. You gotta practice in order to get your liner sharp af & your highlight poppin; think of Freck just the same. You gotta give it a couple go’s to get your perfect freckled look just right. Our favorite Freck looks range from subtle fresh bb faces to unique artistic approaches to uber-realistic full faces. Team Freck and I always look through our tagged images on Instagram and always ask, “can this be a fake […]

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fake freckles

Freck Launches in Europe!

Carpe fuckin diem. When I was 6 years old I visited England for the first time and stayed the summer in Forrest Hill, London. We traded houses with another family, and spent 8 weeks exploring England. It was that summer than I became a full-blown Anglophile & was completely obsessed with Europe in general. The fashion, attitude & grit shaped me as a person from then on. Flash forward ten years: I’m getting ready to go to college & am […]

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How I Launched a Cosmetic Brand From Scratch

  Hey everyone! This is Remi, the founder & CEO of Freck, and I have a blog that’s extremely close to my heart coming at cha today. I went to school for interior design & marketing, so I often get the question “how tf did you figure out how to launch a cosmetic brand?” Warning, this post is super long, but I don’t think there’s anything this in depth on the internet, and if this helps even one person get […]

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Temporary Freckle cosmetic

How to Get Temporary Freckles with Freck

While the idea of completely smooth skin was once a priority in front of the camera — and in life in general — there’s something new, something better on the horizon that’s giving everyone a break from the unnatural and unnecessary airbrushed expectations: temporary freckles. Having this added characteristic is now considered timeless, beautiful, sexy- and of course, ~cute~ Not only is it a trend sweeping both the Fashion and Entertainment industries, it’s a great way to change your look […]

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