Breaking Into Beauty: Inside our Beauty Bay Exclusive Interview

Hey Fam, happy International Friendship Day! I’m the best at putting in work to make content happen and then never posting about it. It’s a problem (perhaps a future blog post once I figure out how to overcome that tendency??). So here I am, nearly 5 months late, finally sharing an interview that Des & I did for our European stockists, Beauty Bay. In the same breath, what perfect timing since Freck is a wonderful group of friends working together […]

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Are We Made Yet? Freck OG is a Glossier Fav

Woooow. 💫 You know I’m obsessed with Glossier & look up to Emily Weiss like the Business Beyonce of cosmetics that she is. No matter how great of a team someone has, you can’t raise $186M and grow a company to over a $1B valuation without the brain of a rocket scientist. She’s my beauty biz idol and I would pretty much give anything to take her to lunch (hmu if you’re reading this, Em).   Which is why I […]

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The Cactus Collection: It’s FINALLY Here

THE CACTUS COLLECTION We’re dropping some new shit today, so we wanted to take a moment to tell y’all about what each of these new creatures brings to the table. Say hello to the three members of our Cactus Collection who are early to the parry: FORECLAY (Cactus Clay Mask), RICH BITCH (Cactus + Vitamin C Moisturizer), + SO JELLY (Cactus Eye Jelly). FORECLAY Born from the idea that not all clay masks are created equally, FORECLAY pays homage to your favorite clay […]

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