Freckles: some are born with them, some aren’t. Sometimes your freckles will only show after a bit of sun, and sometimes they show all the time. But for those of you who don’t have time to wait, there’s Freck. With this awesome new cosmetic, you don’t have to wait for the summer- you can use our faux freckles applicator all year long to get that fresh-faced look any season. Switch up your style or hide imperfections, be subtle and beautiful all at the same time with Freck.

Here’s How it Works

Pretty easily. It only takes four steps to get frecked…

  1. Remove the applicator from the bottle and apply your freckles wherever you like; nose, cheeks, neck, chest. Wherever!
  2. Use your finger to blot your frecks for a natural, soft freckle that melts into your skin. As a bonus, blotting also creates a copy/paste effect which speeds up your application.
  3. Set with powder, or don’t! Freck will last as long as your makeup does.
  4. Enjoy the freck out of yourself while showing off your new faux freckles!

What’s great about our temporary freckles is they wash off with your makeup, while lasting all day. No harsh products or scrubbing to remove. Keep your same routine and start again the next day with the same design or something new. No hassles, no permanent mistakes, just a fresh face of Freck.

The Freck Look

Cosmetic trends are changing all the time, but freckles are forever. And temporary freckles can be fun for anyone and everyone. Now you can play with new makeup ideas, add to your current routine, or go au natural and embrace your already-there beauty, hassle and commitment-free.

Who’s Showing Off Their Freckles These Days?

Freckles are coming back on the runway and the red carpet. More and more models are being hired because of their freckles, meanwhile in Hollywood, Lily Collins, Kristen Stewart, and Rachel Bilson are all rocking faux frecks. Try a constellation of magic on your skin that looks fun and different on everyone.

Are You Ready To Get Frecked?

We made learning how to get faux freckles simple and easy for you. Freck is available to be shipped to both the United States and Canada (for now- UK/EU launch coming soon). Freck is developed and manufactured in Los Angeles, where we are obsessed with freckles.

If you have any questions or comments visit our site, give us a ring at (213) 632-6977, or shoot us a note at


xo, Team Freck

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