Our first ever Freck Movie Night Marathon, and what better way to start it off then with the Halloween season. Team Freck has been chatting at the office about our favorites of the moment on Netflix, Prime and Hulu and wanted to share them with you babes. Enjoy the Halloween Movie Night movie list.



The Conjuring
What better way to start off your movie night than with one based on true stories? This one is based on the real investigations of noted paranormal experts, Ed and Lorraine Warren. In The Conjuring, the Perron family moves into a truly freaky-looking house in Rhode Island (which should have been a dead giveaway that it was haunted, duh) when scary strange things begin happening to them.
It Follows
The story begins effectively with a panicked girl running from her suburban home. She dashes into the street as if some unseen predator is chasing her, then hops in a car and frantically drives to a beach, where she sits alone in the dark and shivers from fright. Cut to the next morning: The girl is dead, and one of her legs is broken in half. Who or what is responsible, and who might be next? This movie is definitely underrated, Remi gives it a thumbs up.

American Horror Story

Why not just have a straight marathon of freaky series from Netflix’s original American Horror Story? There are 7 seasons to pick from, so have at it! Our favorites are probably Murder House, Coven and Freak House. But also, Lady Gaga in Hotel is divine.

Stranger Things



Hocus Pocus
We all know this movie and live for it. Here’s a quick rundown. Three witches return 300 years after being hung for their spellwork in 17th-century Salem, Massachusetts. To hold onto immortality, they have to take the life of a child, and the three kids who accidentally resurrected them are doing all they can to stop the witches from returning Salem to the way it was when they first lived. It’s a good one start the marathon with because you’ll crack up over the sister’s dynamic.



 Edward Scissorhands
An inventor dies before he can finish his greatest invention — a perfect human named Edward. Edward is left stranded in a castle on top of a hill with metal scissors as hands. Edward’s life changes when a kind lady named Peg discovers him and welcomes him into her home. This movie will leave you in tears.. not so much screaming from fear.

Such a Halloween Movie Night classic. After dying in a car crash, the ghosts of Adam and Barbara Maitland are informed that they have to remain in their house for 150 years. This is fine until their house is sold to a family they can’t stand. The Maitlands love their beautiful home — and they don’t want the yuppie Deetz family living in it. The couple hires freelance bio-exorcist Beetle Juice to scare the Deetzes away, but the job is stalled when Beetle Juice makes it his priority to marry the Deetzes’ daughter, Lydia, so he can return to the land of the living.
The Addams Family
They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky … so they’re perfect for Halloween Movie Night! Gomez Addams, head of the Addams family, tells his lawyer, Tully, that he has not spoken to his brother, Fester, in many years. When a loan shark demands that Tully pay her, her son poses as Fester in an attempt to break into the Addams family’s vault. However, it’s difficult for the Fester-impostor to fit in with the Addams. Their home is full of dark magic, and the Addams find it equally hard to adapt to the outside world when they are forced out of their home. If Wednesday (played by Christina Ricci), the disturbed Addams daughter, doesn’t creep you out, then Thing (who’s just a hand) definitely will!
After a family is forced to relocate for their son’s health, they begin experiencing supernatural behavior in their new home and uncover a sinister history. Have you watched the trailer for this? Kinda freaky, but hey if you’re into horror this is the movie for you.
Get Out
When it comes time for Chris to meet his girlfriend’s parents, he’s nervous how they’ll react to their daughter dating a black man. Although at first her fam seems perfectly cool and polite, Chris soon realizes he shouldn’t have just been nervous about meeting this family — he should have been dead scared. The family has a dark secret that could cost Chris his life. This movie isn’t only a scary AF movie — it’s also an on-point commentary on race relations in America today. This was Remi’s fav movie of 2017, don’t sleep on this one. This is a Halloween Movie Night must see!


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