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CActus COllection SKincare ESsentials

CACTUS COLLECTION SKINCARE ESSENTIALS ​is over 30% off from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. This box includes 4 Freck skincare products: Rich Bitch, So Jelly, Foreclay & Lil Prick.

If you select THIS IS A GIFT​, your skincare goodies will ship inside our gorgeous Freck gift box, finished with a grosgrain ribbon and to/from tag at no additional charge. If you select FOR ME​, give yourself a high-five for helping out mother earth this holiday season! Because the Holiday Gift Box is heavily discounted, our site wide 20% off holiday promotion & affiliate codes do not apply.
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Some think essentials = basics... not us. Essentials are the holy grail products you can't live without and are anything but basic. Freck's Skincare Essentials (all based in cactus) are here to share the beauty secrets you wish you had adopted years ago. WTF is a dry serum? Why do I need to wear an eye cream if I don't have lines yet? Let us just show you :)

Freck stands behind our products. We offer free returns up to 14 days after you receive your package. If you are purchasing Freck Beauty as a holiday gift we will extend the return window, just reach out!

Happy Holidays, ya fleeky animals.
xo, Freck Beauty

Rich Bitch+

The light yet rich ultra-moisturizer of your dreams. Morning and night, pat a small amount between fingertips and press into cleansed skin. Don’t forget to pair with SO JELLY. You’re killing it.

So Jelly+

So Jelly improves skin luminosity and reduces the appearance of dark circles & wrinkles. Gently apply to your under-eye and crows feet areas. Using an eye cream twice daily is essential for younger-looking skin and for keeping lines and wrinkles at bay.


You got this, babe. Avoiding eye area, apply FORECLAY to a clean face and allow to dry for 15-20 minutes. Rinse well and follow with LIL PRICK SERUM for the ultimate cleanse & moisture combo.

Lil Prick+

Dry skin, meet your match. This lightweight potion of cactus seed, apricot seed, marula seed & red raspberry seed oils is just what the doctor ordered. Apply to clean and dry face, neck & chest day and night. Use after CACTUS WATER and with SO JELLY.

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