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Welcome to the Freck Fam,

Welcome to the Freck Fam, we’ve been waiting for you. Here you’ll find innovative skincare and cosmetics with top quality ingredients & packaging that makes you feel seen and sexy. Freck is founded by women and made for everyone, especially you.

We seek to empower and promote the creatives, beauty gurus & entrepreneurs that surround us. We are a magazine, a blog, a podcast, a radio station, a travel authority. We are long form & short form by way of .mov, .mp3, and .jpeg. We think you'll like it here :)

'Freck believes the beauty industry will not be a fair market until we are given the formulas we deserve: cutting edge ingredients, obsession-worthy packaging, honest prices, and chic branding that reflect our generation.'


Innovative beauty designed to make you feel sexy

When you invent the first freckle, people are going to tell you what they think. Luckily, we’re the type to listen. From cosmetics to skincare, our product development inspiration has always (and will always) start with you- the user.

Where to Find us

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Meet the team

remi-founder-ceo Remi CEO + Founder
des-coo-sales-director Des COO
nasera-brand-director Nasera Brand Director
Jasmine Jasmine Production Director
karina-shipping-cordinator Frances Office Coordinator
karina-shipping-cordinator Karina Shipping Coordinator
kiki Kiki Customer Experience Manager
sofia-designer Sofia Brand Coordinator