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Hey, nice to meet you.

Freck Beauty is an attitude.

We are the bold, clean beauty brand for anyone that cares about ingredients, respects the process, and doesn’t care about the rules.

How it started

With both middle fingers up and a life-long obsession with freckles, Remi launched FRECK OG, The World's First Freckle Cosmetic.

Freck Beauty came into the world as the hunt for a perfect freckle when the beauty industry wanted clones rather than creatives. Over years of research perfecting the freckle, Remi found that there wasn’t a bold beauty brand that represented “moisturizer-and-go” to “blue-flame-eyeliner-energy”.

Loved by press, celebrities, influencers, MUAs, retailers, millennials and Gen Z, Freck organically boomed.

Freck Beauty is the new face of high-growth clean beauty, inspired by Remi’s vision and vibrant, diverse East LA where she lives.


Where to Find us

Freck Beauty Freck Beauty

Meet the team

remi-founder-ceo Remi CEO + Founder
des-coo-sales-director Des COO
nasera-brand-director Nasera Brand Director
Jasmine Jasmine Production Director
karina-shipping-cordinator Frances Office Coordinator
karina-shipping-cordinator Karina Shipping Coordinator
kiki Kiki Customer Experience Manager
sofia-designer Sofia Brand Coordinator

For orders of 5 or more, please reach out to customer service at