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Freckle Makeup for Men


Ok so male freckles or freckle makeup for men may not trending on insta and men are not the majority of our audience. But seriously, that doesn’t mean we need to ignore a full 50% of the population! Have you seen guys with freckles? 🔥🔥🔥


Like anyone, having red hair makes men more likely to have natural freckles. Well, anyone except babies, genetically we can’t show our freckles until we’re about 7 years old (ur welcome for that random fun fact). Even though boys can’t have freckles when they’re first born, they still develop them when they’re kiddos, just like girls do. For adults- it’s not just women who come to Freck Beauty for help in the skin department. We get plenty of requests for freckle makeup for men.


Since freckles for men are not often talked about, and there’s plenty of misinformation out there, let’s go myths-busters on some of the wackness we hear about freckles for men.


Myth 1: Freckles are more likely to turn into skin cancer

Docs say that freckles are NOT likely to turn into cancerous spots. While it’s true that moles do have a higher risk of becoming cancerous, they aren’t the same as freckles. Men - rest assured that freckles are not dangerous. Should you still use sun protection? 100% hell yes. Medically, people with freckles are somewhat more likely to develop skin cancer, but it’s not the freckles themselves that make this a fact. It’s the genetic factors that happen to be tied to the same gene that causes freckles. The best thing about freckle makeup is the complete lack of worry about skin cancer. And anyway, sun protection is not just for men with freckles… it’s for all the guys (and people) out there.


Myth 2: Freckles are just for people with light skin

For sure people with light skin are more likely to have visible freckles. They’re easier to see on fair skin. But genetically, it’s not just the Irish guys you may think of, who get to celebrate natural freckles. Research says that there are plenty of French, Mediterranean, Israeli, Japanese, and African people that have the genetics for freckles also. And there are hundreds-of-thousands of people walking this earth with freckles courtesy of Freck OG, even if their genetics didn’t bless them with that freckle gene they were hoping for. Let’s hear it for freckle makeup! For men? HELL yes for men.


Myth 3: Freckles are caused by sun damage

This one’s also a big “no”. Freckles are caused by genetics (or Freck OG). But this myth has a little tie into some freckle truth… the sun causes freckles to become more dark and visible. Remember though, the sun or any over-exposure to the sun is not the actual cause of anyone’s freckles.


Basically freckles won’t show up without the sun, but you can’t just decide you’re going to get on the freck band-wagon and sit in the sun all day. We love rays as much as the next person, but sitting in the sun all day is, to put it lightly, ‘not recommended’ by dermatologists. Secondly, bro it’s just not gonna work. As much as you may wish for freckles, sun exposure will not make them show up if you don’t have the genetics to spark them in the first place. That’s where freckle makeup for men comes in.


Freckles for Men - I Want Them

That’s fair. Tbh if you ask us, what man WOULDN’T want frecks? Here are some tips if you were not graced with natural skin stars, but want to know more about creating freckles for men with Freck OG.

  • Firstly, freckles on men are sexy af. So even if you’ve never applied makeup, watch a youtube tutorial or two to get yourself more inspired than intimidated.
  • Consider your facial hair - if you like the scruffy look, remember to focus freckles on the nose bridge and upper cheeks. This way your 5 o’clock shadow won’t hide your frecks.
  • Natural freckles are going to come out in the summer and fade in the winter. That doesn’t mean cold gray weather calls for freck-free time, but the natural look would be to lighten up on freckles during the winter, and go all out when the sunny days start up again.


We love freckles for men, so guys… visit our insta and give us a shout out if you fit the bill! Natural freckles? Freckle makeup? We’re here for it all.

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