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How to Get Faux Freckles

We love a completely random, little-known fact, and we have one for you. You know who never wondered about how to get faux freckles? People in the middle ages. Freckles were seen as a sign of the devil (along with basically everything else), so if you had freckles, things were pretty bad for you. Since things have changed, thank gosh, we’re thrilled to say this is the time to rock your real or your faux freckles as hard as your heart desires.


But how do you get faux freckles? Can you use an eyeliner pen? Is there a special freckle dye, does henna work? Hang with us for a few minutes and we’ll tell you how to get the best and easiest faux freckles.


First, we wanna say that while you can make dots on your face with an eyeliner pen, there are a couple of reasons we don’t love that journey for you. Your face is super noticeable.. u cute, so duh. So if you’re going for a freckle look, you should make sure you’re getting the most natural-looking results. Makeup tools that weren’t designed to be used for fake freckles, well, let’s face it: aren’t going to work that well. So let’s stick with something that was created solely for the purpose of making faux freckles. Here’s what we recommend:


Size Matters

In the case of getting faux freckles, small is good. This is especially true with the applicator you use for creating your frecks. You can always use a small brush to make larger freckles, but can you use a large brush to make small freckles? The answer is a definite no. You can try, but it’s gonna get awkward. A small applicator gives you the most flexibility, and this is our first recommendation when you’re looking for how to get faux freckles–make sure you’ve got a product with a small applicator.


When to Apply

You know how people say that doing some meal prep on Sunday can give you a better chance of having healthy food all week? Well that’s true (but also sounds like a lot of work). But guess what you can’t do on Sunday to last through the week? Apply your freckles. Some people ask us if they can apply faux freckles and have them last all week. The best faux freckles are going to be part of your daily makeup routine. Apply them in the morning before work, school, or leisure time. Or apply them (again) before you go out for the evening if you’re looking to up the freck content.


Your freck makeup should come off when you remove your other makeup or wash your face before bed. And you don’t want the same makeup on your face for a week anyway.


How to Apply

We can tell you how to apply Freck OG, but the best thing to do is to go to our Insta and check out some of our videos. You want to dot some frecks, wait a couple of seconds, and then blot lightly with your finger. The darker your skin, the longer you’ll want to wait before you blot. We’d recommend 15 - 20 seconds to start, and see how it goes :)


How to get faux freckles? Start with Freck OG. Find a mirror and some good lighting, and go to town. We know you’ll find a freckle look that you love, and we’re here to answer any questions you have. After all, we love to talk frecks.

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