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Best Freckle Pen

Fake it til you make it, right? We’re on board with that, especially if we’re talking about freckles. And honestly, if you are an adult and you’ve never had natural freckles, then you’ll probably never get them. So let’s focus on the “fake it” part of this saying for a hot minute. For those of you who don’t have real freckles–or you want to double down on what you have–we’ve got the hook up. What you need is the best freckle pen to let you fake some badass freckles. 

Ok, so we know we want faux frecks, but how do we go about picking the best product for the job? People usually think of a freckle pen, but we’re going to go a step further and say that the right brush is actually going to give you more bang for your buck than a traditional pen. And by the right brush, we mean Freck OG. Here’s the scoop on the two challenges with most of the tools we looked at when designing the best freckle pen:

Challenge #1 with traditional freckle pens:

Most freckle pens generally make every freckle the same size and weight. Maybe you think it sounds like a good thing to have consistency in a freckle pen, because each application makes the exact same freckles. But here’s the thing, no one has real freckles that are all the same. If you don’t have your own freckles, find a good friend with frecks that doesn’t mind you getting up close and personal. Put on your glasses and check out their freckles. Spoiler alert–you’ll see major variation. You could also go the less-weird route and analyze a picture of someone with great, real freckles. Some will be bigger, some smaller, some lighter, and some darker.  Freck OG is different from other freckle pens because we give you a tiny brush, and this brush lets you go au natural with your dots. This is where you get the size and weight variation that lets your freckles look as subtle or banging as you want.  

Challenge #2 with other freck pens:

Other freckle pens are harder to build. Building may not be the word you think of when you’re trying to get your freckle on, but trust us on this… it’s an important word. The idea of building means that you start small and go from there. This lets you step back and see how your freckles are looking before you go crazy and end up looking like a Dalmatian. Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying NOT to go crazy with frecks, but we’re saying we want you to make good choices. And good choices start with a small amount of freckles, and let you build from there. Freck OG is made for buildable freckles, so you have the control you need to start minimally and carefully make the choices that are right for your current mood.

Think all freckle pens are created equal? They’re not. Besides Freck OG being the first freckle product to market, we’ve tried every other freckle pens. Trust friends, we speak from experience. Freck OG is the way to go when you want the best freckle pen. Check out this freckle pen and see for yourself.

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