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Can You Sleep with Freckle Makeup On?


Can you sleep with freckle makeup on? I mean yes…you can. After all, we’ve all slept in a lot worse after a long night, amirite? But remember, freckle makeup is still makeup. The responsible thing to do would be to wash your face at night before going to bed, we are a skincare brand after all so we’re obliged to say it’s probably the #1 thing you can do for your skin’s health. (On the Hush Hush, we will be releasing your new favorite cleanser in the coming months.)


Let’s look at a day in the life of your freckle makeup, using everyone’s favorite, Freck OG:



Morning comes and your Freck OG is there to meet you. Yes, it looks like a small bottle, but this stuff lasts months with daily use. Do whatever you usually do – shower, moisturize, acai bowl, cold brew, whatever your thing is. Then, as part of your makeup routine (or literally your whole makeup routine if you’re low maintenance royalty), apply your freckle makeup. Apply & tap out small dots, or build up to bigger, darker ones if it’s that type of day – whatever you’re feeling. 


Mid Day

Now your day is in full swing, whether at school, working for the (wo)man, or choosing to keep things chill. Lucky for you, the one thing you won’t have to do is reapply your frecks unless you’re planning on having a sweaty day of cardio at the gym or a pool day.



Worry not: your frecks will be with you throughout your evening plans. After all, people who started their day with other freckle makeup probably wouldn’t even ask if they could sleep with freckle makeup on, because, let’s be real, at this point their faux freckles are likely goners. But you and your Freck OG are shining bright. So have that 4-course dinner, make sushi with your BFF, work that overtime, or keep things cozy with your SO. No matter what, your frecks will be keeping things cute and sassy like nobody’s business.


Bed Time

Ok, so now it’s time for bed. We get it, you’re ready to lie down, but you’re making the choice to wash your face and brush your teeth...because...adulting. Like magic, your normal face wash sesh takes off your frecks along with whatever else lasted the day. Now you can rest easy, knowing your skin is airing out, being revitalized, and getting ready for another day of Freck OG when you wake up in the morning!


If you’re asking yourself why you can’t sleep with freckle makeup on, the thing is – it’s just not a good habit. If it happens once in a while, so not a big deal. But don’t tell your friend who’s studying to be a dermatologist or esthetician. After all, the last thing you need is a lecture. Besides, you’re going to want to reapply your Freck OG in the morning anyway, so why not start with a clear slate. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new day deserves new freckles.

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