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Fake Freckles vs Real Freckles


If you’re worried about fake freckles vs. real freckles, you’re overthinking it: you either have real freckles or you don’t. And if you don’t, it’s totally fine! Fake freckles vs real freckles should be one worry you can cross off your list because we can help you get fake freckles that look just as good as the real thing. Some of you may have the potential to get real freckles, but you know that to get your real freckles to shine, you need a sh*t load of sun. Premature wrinkles vs. freckles? Not sure even the cutest frecks are worth that. So even if you CAN have real frecks, you may want the option of some fake ones to boost that sun-kissed look without any actual rays.


That brings us back to the whole fake freckles vs real freckles debate. For the minority of you that have real freckles, we think you’re v lucky and support you in all your freckle glory. For the rest of us, let’s talk about how to get fake freckles that look real af. It’s not hard to learn, but there are some classic mistakes we see made all the time, so we’re gonna walk you through a few of those.


Mistakes you may make when trying to get fake freckles:


You go overboard too fast.

Look, we hear you. Frecks are adorable and you want a lot of them. And you can have a lot of them, but take things slow. Start with a few and then build up, checking in as you go. Learning to use Freck OG is like learning eyeliner for the first time, and we all know how that went. Takes a little practice to get the hang of, but it’s so worth it. So slow down, practice your application, and you’ll figure out exactly the right look for you.

You try to make every freckle exactly the same.

Stop trying to make every freckle exactly the same. It’s not going to happen. P.S. Have you seen real freckles? If we’re talking about telling the difference between fake freckles vs real freckles, a dead giveaway on fake freckles would be ones that look like perfect copies of each other. When someone has real freckles, a few are lighter and a few are darker, a few are bigger and a few are smaller, and they definitely aren’t all perfect circles. So make sure you’re not obsessing about making each freckle match. Let the natural variation work FOR you, not against you. Trust us, you’ll look amazing.



You use the wrong product.

It matters, it really does. You cannot get fake freckles that look like real freckles if you’ve got a product that’s meh. You want to choose a product that is high-quality, buildable, and realistic. Major bonus if it’s free from gross stuff like parabens and alcohol. Our choice for getting the best fake freckles is Freck OG. Or if you’re ready to commit like a pro, Freck XL which gives you the same great stuff in Freck OG but in a bigger size for a whole lotta freck-making magic.


Fake freckles vs real freckles? Doesn’t matter to us, we love ‘em all. If you’re ready to try fake freckles like a boss, head to our site and see what’s good.

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