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How Long Does Freckle Makeup Last?

 Would you rather look cute in the morning, cute in the evening, or cute all day?


The good news is that Freck is here to make those cute-all-day vibes effortless. People ask us how long does freckle makeup last? The answer, just like with all makeup, is it depends on what type of freckle makeup we’re talking about. A drugstore pencil liner that you’re repurposing as a freckle pencil? Not lasting more than a few hours. But if you choose the longest wearing freck cosmetic (yep, that’s Freck OG), then we’re talking a full day o’freckles.


Why does other freckle makeup wear off?

Ok, so here’s the reality of other freckle makeup you may have tried: it sits on top of your skin or foundation. Now, that may seem perfectly legit until you touch your face, but anything that sits on top of your skin is not going to last. Even if you’re super careful with your makeup, your skin is exposed to wind, sun, napkins, that random nose itch that you just can’t resist, kisses from your BFF, and the list goes on. Most freckle makeup is not going to last long under those conditions, and instead will smear and disappear at the slightest touch.


How is Freck different?

When asking yourself how long freckle makeup can last, the answer is that, with Freck you can get all-day wear. It’s the science behind our makeup that makes it seem like magic (who said brains and beauty don’t mix). While other freckle makeup sits ON your skin, Freck blends into your skin, foundation, and skincare. This makes it WAY more likely that your custom-made frecks are going to last you through morning, noon, and allll night long. And, when you’re done with them for the day (or night), your frecks will wash right off with your makeup.


How do I get my freckle makeup to last all day?

TBH, the key is to applying Freck correctly is a ‘you do you’ thing. Some people like a couple of barely-there freckles, some like a more dramatic look with their Freck application, and some decide how they feel that morning depending on what side of the bed they woke up on. To sum it up, you do you, boo. That said, we recommend you start light, because you can always build from there. First thing you’ll notice is that Freck OG’s brush is super tiny. This is a good thing because it gives you control over the size of your freckles. So dip that brush in the bottle, and start dotting away. Keep in mind that natural freckles are never the exact same size and shade, so we recommend you do not dip back into the bottle between applying each freck. Instead, jump around the area of your choosing so the first freckles you create are darker, and the ones near the end of the application are lighter. Next, blot your freckles. Want to go more subtle? Blot right away to get a lighter look. Is today a full-on freckle type of day? Then try waiting and just blotting a little as they dry to allow the formula to develop into a darker shade. You can top with a dusting of powder if you’d like to help set them. Then run off, you’ve got places to be and people who need to see those freckles.


How long your freckle makeup lasts will depend on the kind of day you’re having (a dip in the pool or shower is going to be a tough one for your freckles to bounce back from), but in most cases you’ll come home at night rocking a still-adorbs freckly look when you use Freck OG.

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