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How To Get Freckles


It's the name of our game, literally. To everyone that asks us, "Why you wouldn't just use a brow pencil to make your Freckles?" we have thoughts.



Obviously, we're going to tell you that Freck is the only way to get freckles safely. Freck has been in the works for four years, and we searched the world for the ultimate realistic freckle that lasts all day & doesn't damage your skin. Look no further, but if you insist . . .



It makes me cringe to write this, but if you must, make sure you apply SPF. Your future self will thank you. Exfoliate before, because if you're going to risk sun damage you might as well make sure your new freckles will dust onto your freshest skin (that won't sluff off). Moisturize after, and if you're really smart you'll use Rich Bitch, our Cactus + Vitamin C Moisturizer, because what says after-sun-care like cactus elixir?


If your how to get freckles routine includes sunrays, then be sure to moisturize with Freck's Rich Bitch. 


When I watch videos of people applying Henna to their face I have a little chuckle because that shit takes SO LONG. Trust me on this one, it takes like 40 minutes to get a full face & then you have to let it dry. One of the beauties of Freck is the "copy-and-paste" application, which allows you to achieve full freck-face goodness in a couple of minutes. The other thing about Henna is that depending on your skin type, it might not last any longer than your day's makeup. The oils on your face make it almost impossible for something to stick to your face, and where freckles naturally occur just so happen to be on the oiliest parts of your face. I love the idea of a multi-day freckle more than maybe anyone, but it's just not realistic without tattooing.



We see this a lot. People sharpening up those eye pencils and going to town swirling them onto their face. Which, is great if that's your vibe (it looks a little too Pippi Longstocking imo but hey, do you). The main bummer here is that they wipe off as soon as something touches your face, which sucks because it was probably a lot of effort sharpening and swirling that pencil everywhere.

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If you're gonna do it, fucking do it right! If you're looking for how to get freckles to live in day and night cause you can't live without them then I would only trust one person. Hell yeah! We've seen these go real bad real fast, so if you're gonna commit definitely visit Shaunessy Keely, the owner of Studio Sashiko in BC, Canada. If I was going to get permanent freckles I would fly all the way here to see her. It is your face, after all.


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We'll be publishing tutorials on how to apply Freck, the original freckles makeup, soon.

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