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How to Get Freckles Without Sun

If you’re naturally blessed with freckles, the sun is the best way to bring them out. But, let’s be honest, the sun also isn’t the healthiest way to get your freck on. We’re talking long-term effects of significant sun exposure like damaged skin, discoloration, and skin cancer. But what about allllll of us who don’t get freckles naturally & still want to join the party? After all, the sun-kissed look is timelessly gorgeous on everyone–guys, girls, young, old, lighter skin, darker skin, and every in between. So what’s a freckle-loving babe to do when they’re aching for a cute freck constellation of their own? Well, there’s an easy way to get freckles without sun, and we’ll walk you through it.


First step: Get the right product. Freck OG is the best solution for those asking how to get freckles without sun. This product gives you the ability to create freckles that are buildable, long-lasting, natural looking, and quick. It’s about to be your new bff.


Second step: Plan your look. What r u feeling today? A subtle sun-kissed look? Fierce freckles that make a bold statement? Something in between? With Freck OG, the choice is yours.


Third step: Start applying. Freck OG has a super small brush, and it’s not an accident. This tiny brush lets you start small and build up, and is the best way to make sure you’re getting what you want out of your freckles. Dip, dot, dot some more, tap it out, and repeat.


Do You Need Sun for Natural Freckles?

Let’s be real. Yes, you need sun for actual, natural freckles. Genetics plays a big part in whether you’ll be born with real freckle potential, but you’ve got to get that sun exposure for those coveted spots to make their appearance. We love natural freckles as much as the next person. Actually, who are we kidding. We love natural freckles WAY more than the next person. That said, we can’t all have the real ones and we don’t want anyone to risk extra sun exposure. So, even though you do need sun for natural freckles, you don’t need sun for awesome freckles…if you have Freck OG.


And if you don’t yet, we’ll leave this right here


Quick Facts About How to Get Freckles Without Sun With Freck OG:

  • Freck OG is like other makeup, meaning you should wash it off before bed, and then reapply the next day.
  • Freck OG is formulated to last alllll day, from your first cup of cold brew to your last sip of the cocktail or mocktail of your choice.
  • Leave some space between your faux frecks when you apply–that’s gonna give you the most natural look.
  • Freck OG was made by perfectionists, which means A LOT of attention to details. Great ingredients, great packaging, fair prices and a company that will never test our products on animals. Why would you stand for anything less?


We love Freck OG for getting freckles without sun, and we think you will too. If you haven’t tried the leading freckle makeup yet, hit us up at, and see what we’ve got.

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