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The Crash Course on Freckles

No matter your skin tone or gender, a natural smattering of freckles across the face looks cute on everyone - and we're here to show you how to use our star products...Les Frecks.  


The tiny tube that started it all, our original faux freckle pen features a warm-toned universal color that’s as natural as it is long lasting. She may be tiny, but the FRECK OG formula packs a punch! One tube will last 3-4 months with daily use.

Speaking of use, simply dot the tiny brush wherever you feel a freckle should live, redipping your brush often.  Allow some time for the freckles to develop, about 5 to 10 seconds depending on how intense you want them. Then tap them ‘em with your fingertips stamping across the face, forehead, nose — wherever!

We recommend layering and building the freckles as you go for a more natural look with some more intense and others lighter, and more delicate. You can even use the freckles to contour the face — but let’s save that for our more advanced lesson...


The same buildable, warm-toned formula as OG — only she’s a bit thicker, as in the tube, not the formula. So for our more committed freckle friends (or shall we say fiends), XL is gonna be your go-to. One XL tube will last 4-6 months with daily use.


Created to accommodate an even wider range of skin tones, NOIR is a cooler-toned formula that looks beyond gorge and natural on deeper skin tones. For our more advanced Freck fam, you’ll want to use this along with OG to create a more dynamic look with some lighter and some deeper freckles, beauty, and birthmarks. You may even want to add a little heart-shaped freckle — whatever feels right. One NOIR tube will also last 4-6 months with daily use.

It doesn't matter which formula you decide to work with (and again we highly recommend both!) just remember that there's no wrong way to FRECK yourself. Improvise, build, copy + paste: create a new freckled look you love every day.

Try a FRECK formula asap and show us how you change your spots @freck on ig and @freckbeauty on tiktok! 


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