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How to Freck

With so many ways to wear 'em, our faux freckle pens are the no makeup look that never gets old. If you're bored, honey you're not doing it right. Here are a few tips to help you out.  


Check out our Director of Artistry, Alex French, doing what we do best- freckles. 



Universally flattering, long lasting, buildable, warm-toned shade for a perfectly natural finish. 


Same as OG, but she's thicc - in a larger tube for our advanced Freck lovers. 

  1. Dot & dab wherever your frecking spirit takes you, re-dipping your brush often
  2. Allow to develop 5 to 10 seconds - the longer the time, the darker the freckles
  3. Tap Tap Tap em out to diffuse and stamp across your face
  4. Repeat as many times as you like, make layers for the most natural look
  5. Follow with CHEEKSLIME and SLIMELIGHT for a full beat


Want to level-up your Freck game? Add some NOIR!  



Our cooler-toned formula ideal for deeper skin tones, but also universally flattering and amazing for creating depth.

  1. Dab and dot just like OG/XL
  2. Create larger dots by pushing a bit harder for beauty marks (or to cover zits!), leave to develop a bit longer for the best results
  3. Copy + paste across your face, diffuse and dab for the most natural look



Use with OG/XL for a more dynamic freckled look with light and darker freckles of various developing times.

  1. Start with a layer of OG/XL, develop and tap out
  2. Add some NOIR of various sizes 
  3. Copy + paste ‘em
  4. You’re killing it 

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