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How To Get Instant Freckles

Remember Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, running all over Willy Wonka’s factory, being super extra and demanding anything and everything, right away?  Look, we’re not recommending you use her as a role model, but we all have those moments in life when we want what we want…NOW, and we shouldn’t be ashamed. The good news is that even though you can’t always get pizza or perfectly sculpted abs instantly, you can get instant freckles, with Freck OG.


How to get Instant Freckles

Instant freckles don’t involve the sun. Even on the hottest day in the sunniest location, you’re more likely to get an instant sunburn than instant freckles. But you can get instant freckles with everyone’s fave freckle makeup, Freck OG. Freckle makeup can be applied any day and anytime you want the babely look of freckles (and yes, we mean you can use Freck every single day). It allows you to add just a couple of tiny freckles on your nose or cheeks, or a full face of bold freckles, depending on your mood.


How to Apply Instant Freckles

Freck OG is easy to apply, and with a little practice, you’ll find the technique that gives you the exact freckle look you want. You application of instant freckles is as easy as dipping the small brush into the makeup and dotting lightly on your face. We recommend you start small, because it’s much easier to build up freckles than it is to remove the ones you don’t want. After you apply the formula “copy/paste” your freckles around your face by tapping them out.


Final tip: don’t dip your brush back in Freck OG after every freckle. Instead, dip once and dot a few times on your face. This will give you some darker freckles, and some lighter ones. Then dip again when your brush gets light. This mimics the look of natural freckles.


Why Freck OG Creates the Best Instant Freckles

When you’re looking for the best instant freckles, Freck OG is the go-to of the freckle experts. And yes, a freckle expert is a thing. Sidebar: if you want to hear from freckle experts on the regular, check out our Insta. So, back to why Freck OG makes the best instant freckles: it’s buildable, quick, and easy to use. Want more details? We got you…


Buildable. This matters because it lets you master the subtle art of the freckle. You may not know how many frecks you want on a given day, or how big or dark you want them to be. But when a product is buildable, it gives you the flexibility to start small and go from there. Because you don’t need a routine in your life that’s not easy.


Quick. This matters because, come on, do we really need to tell you that you’re busy? Yes it’s great that you’ve got a few minutes set aside for your morning beauty routine, but we also don’t want to take up any more of your time than needed. Whether you’ve got a total of three minutes or thirty, you can fit instant freckles into that morning ritual.


Easy to use. This matters because adding frecks can be intimidating at first. You may worry that you’ll end up looking like you’re celebrating polka dots. But don’t worry, even beginners find Freck OG easy to use. Plus, remember what we said about it being buildable? That’s going to get you out of the polka-dot zone, and into a cute/sexy/confident zone.


Want instant freckles? Check out Freck OG. It’s the best way to get the frecks you want. Instantly.

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