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Is Freckle Makeup Bad for You?


You’re not the first person to ask whether freckle makeup is bad for you. Truth is, any makeup can be bad for you. It all comes down to the ingredients used and how harsh they are on your specific skin. That includes freckle makeup. The thing is, at Freck, we care about what you put on your skin. Well, we can’t speak for other brands, but we can give you a cheat sheet that will help you decipher some hard-to-pronounce things you shouldn’t put on your face. Here are some ingredients that can make freckle makeup bad for you:


Phthalates. You may have seen that Freck OG has no phthalates. However, some makeup does, and that would be one factor that swings a ‘yes’ for freckle makeup that is bad for you. Why are phthalates dangerous? We’re going right to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for this answer...but, just a warning, it’s pretty severe. Phthalates have been linked to miscarriage, genital deformities, lower sperm count, hormone disruption, and problems with the thyroid, liver, and kidneys. Not only that, but some of the most commonly used phthalates are listed as likely carcinogens (cancer-causing) by the Environmental Protection Agency.


Short answer… frecks are good, phthalates are very, very bad. Freck OG has no phthalates, so you can breathe a sigh of relief on that one.


Parebens. Another reason for concern with certain freckle makeup are parabens. While these lil’ guys can be good for prolonging the shelf life of cosmetics, they’re definitely not the best for your body. Parabens are thought to be able to mimic estrogen, which can mess with your hormones. And also, even though scientists say there’s still more research to do, some studies have shown a possible link between parabens and breast cancer. Personally, we don’t need any more evidence that parabens are bad. We just don’t use them.


Alcohol. No, we’re not talking about a negroni here. We’re talking about alcohol as an ingredient in cosmetics and skincare. Plenty of cosmetic companies (including other faux freckle products) have alcohol in their ingredient lists. To us, this adds them to the list of freckle makeup that is bad for you. At Freck, we prefer to keep the alcohol at happy hour and out of our products, and here’s why: the main issue with alcohol is that it dries out your skin. Dry skin is not comfortable, advances collagen loss & signs of aging, and excessive dryness can lead to eczema.


So, to sum things up and answer your question: like any other cosmetic, some freckle makeup may be bad for you while some are not. Falling squarely in the ‘not bad for you’ category is Freck OG. Our freckle makeup is not bad for your skin, your mood, or your makeup routine. So you can look super cute without having to sacrifice your health at all. That’s good news, and that’s Freck OG.


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