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The Best Freckle Makeup for 2020

Even if your New Year’s resolution wasn’t to have freckles every day, it’s still a makeup movement to get on board with. Let’s look at the best freckle makeup for 2020, so you can kick off the new decade in style. Spoiler alert: Freck OG wins out against the competition and you can buy it here. But for those of you who want to know a little more, let’s keep things rolling with some info on everyone’s favorite beauty look.


First - how do you pick the best freckle makeup for 2020? Is it price, ingredients, ease of use, or final result? Well, depending on your priorities, it could be a mix of all four. Let’s go over our top priorities when it comes to freckle makeup:


  1. Realistic. For us, if your freckles don’t look real, it’s a deal breaker. Of course, it’s up to you if you choose a super natural look or fun, over-the-top application, but you’ve still got to have the ability to look like you’ve got natural, sun-kissed freckles. Freck OG is an excellent way to keep things looking realistic. How? It’s the combo of our universally flattering formula and our ultra-fine brush. Good things really do come in pairs, and this is your proof.
  2. Buildable. Moving on from the best freckle makeup for 2020 being realistic, it’s gotta be buildable too. Freckle makeup being buildable is what lets it work for you on any day, in any mood, and on any skin color. Freck OG lets you decide whether you want tiny little fairy-like frecks, a few strong freckles to brighten a gray winter day, or a serious spattering of “I just partied in Miami for a week” freckles to make even those blessed with natural freckles turn a head.
  3. Quick. Of course there’s the whole good things come to those who wait theory of life, but tbh when you’re applying your frecks, it’s not the time to need patience. So when we developed Freck OG, we were committed to not only giving you an awesome product that is realistic and buildable, but also one that lets you get your freckle on, and get your day going. We know you’ve got places to be.


Bonus time: As long as we’re talking about what makes the best freckle makeup for 2020, we’ve got another couple other priorities we just have to cover.  First, the best makeup anytime is cruelty free. Yeah we’re here for beauty, but we’re also here for kindness to our fluffy friends and Mother Earth. Freck is proud to be a vegan, cruelty free company. To top it off, our choice for the best freckle makeup for 2020 is free from phthalates (gross chemicals that can be absorbed through your skin), parabens (bad-for-your-bod preservatives), gluten and alcohol. Looking good is important, but we take your health seriously, and we’re not in the market of releasing harmful or irresponsible formulas. And why would you want to put those things on your skin? Here’s to an amazing 2020, and to you, your freckles, and your happiness! With love, from Team Freck.

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