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5 Must Have Editing Apps


We all know how it goes when you take an amazing photo on your phone and need to post it to the gram ASAP. It’s probably the worst feeling ever when you don’t have your computer handy to edit your photo to pure perfection, so we decided to put a list together of the 5 must-have editing apps to have on your mobile device to edit your photos on the go.


Yeah, did you know that Adobe Lightroom has an app version?! It’s a little complicated to get down at first, but once you’ve played around with it a couple times it will become second nature. Also, if you have a specific preset you like to use from your desktop Lightroom you can save and transfer it to your device, which is probably the best thing ever if you want to keep your aesthetic alive — which really helps us with OCD : ) You can even create new presets on your Lightroom app to always have access when editing your photos.


Okay, this app is so important to have. It’s probably the best app to use when you want to remove something from the background of your photos. Utilizing the “healing” function will make all your dreams come true when it comes to blending items perfectly to remove any imperfections or people in the backgrounds of your photos. It definitely takes a couple tries to get it down, but here’s a little tip.. once you’re done using the “healing” function and it still doesn’t look just right use the “smooth” function and it really helps blend any imperfections. Honestly, truly the best and highly deserves to be on our 5 must-have editing apps list!


This app is great for those of us who just want to be able to find the perfect filter and keep on applying it. There are so many filters available on VSCO and you have total control over how saturated or vibrant they are on your photos. PRESETS MADE EASY.  You can also share your photos on VSCO and there’s a little community of people who can follow you and keep up with your most recent edited photos. S’cute s’fun.


So this app is fun as hell. Have you ever seen how people add those fun grain effects to their photos? Yeah, this is the app that gets it done for you! They have a bunch of overlay packages to choose from, but our fav is the “Scratches” package a.k.a. the one with all the grainy and timeless photo looks. You can also edit how strong you would like these overlays on your photos which is so beneficial to your lighter images.


Okay… so this app is a little controversial. We don’t use this app to alter our faces or our bodies but this app is amazing for all the effects that Lightroom and Photoshop mobile can’t get done for you. Like the tone tool. Do you want something specific to be a little bit more vibrant in your photos? Using the tone function allows you to choose the color you need and you can tap away to achieve your desired look, and also erase over it by tapping the tones you just added to blend them seamlessly.

There we are babes, the 5 must-have editing apps you need to up your IG game. You’ll probably end up creating a little photo editing routine where you’ll utilize all the apps and have all their features down to create the perfect pic. Do you have any editing apps that you use on the daily? Let us know in the comments.

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