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The Essential Mobile Video Editing Apps for Quarantine Season

Ok I think we're all struggling to keep entertained during this chaotic quarantine season. Here in LA we've just been put on shelter in place so we're not allowed to leave our houses unless we're getting essentials. The Freck team is working from home, but regardless if you're working from home or not, we've all found that there is a lot of downtime. I've been slowly reminiscing on past memories in my camera roll and think it's fair to say I have some time to make those into little videos :). I'm an app junkie, specifically art related app junkie, so I've broken down some of my favorite versatile essential video editing apps for y'all!

Adobe Premiere Rush
is up there on the list. I'm an Adobe girl through and through. Their mobile apps have become insanely advanced over the years. I've been able to do almost everything that I can also do on desktop. Adobe Premiere Rush is super awesome for mobile because you can also record through app, quickly edit, and share across your socials that are linked to the app! Adobe Premiere Rush is also a cross-platform app, meaning you can save to the cloud and edit the same project on all platforms. This is Apples editor pick for video editing apps in the app store. ios/android

SquareadyV is known from their photo app that lets you create full size photos for Insta or add a solid backgrounds to your photos. Well they have the same thing for video now ;). SquareadyV lets you post full size videos. I used to use their apps for every single Instagram post to create a square borders around my square photos. They've recently come out with a new feature that lets you turn your videos into animated iPhone backgrounds! ios/android

InShot - Video Editor
has 5 stars in the app store for a reason. This app is INSANELY easy to use. No only does it let you do basic editing features like trimming clips, merging clips, and adjusting video speed...but you can add music, voiceovers, cool text effects, and way more. You know those videos that have the blurred background of the same video behind it? Well, it's InShot. 

has changed so much since it came out, and for the better! It's super simple to use, and you can use almost all the features they offer on desktop.

Filto Video Filters is a cool short video and photo editor with vintage filters, aesthetic effects, fancy stickers, original music and other advanced functions. This app is super fun to play with during downtime!

Glitché is a photo/ video editor specifically for pixelation and distortion. I've mentioned this app in our 10 apps to waste time on your parent's sofa, because it's legit the coolest. They also have a separate app called Glitché Cam & VHS Camcorder. I've been using these apps since it first came out yearsss ago.

VSCO Video is the one thing that I wanted from VSCO for SO long. When they announced this I legit flipped. Similar to photo editing, you are able to apply any presets and most toolkits to videos. They just released VSCO Montage recently that lets you layer photos in a video with the ability to adjust the opacity. Of course it's only included with their paid membership, but let me tell is worth it.

Quik is designed by GoPro. Made for video on the go, just like their cameras! Quik is an editing app that lets you create time lapses and sync videos to music along with a bunch of other features. I personally haven't used this app yet, but it came highly recommended from friends and reviews.

8mm is the app I've had for the absolute longest. It's sooo simple to use. Simply upload or record and video in the app and swipe through realistic Super 8 film filters. Highly recommended amongst many friends!

VSCO  Montage example

Those are only a few video apps out of thousands, so let us know in the comments if you have any favorites <3.

xx Madison  

*cover via miriamrosem

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    Nice work on this one Madison! Brb downloading all these now, Freck’s travel guides are about to get a lot cuter :)

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