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Since we’ve muted our ig account to listen to & amplify Black voices in our community, we’ve been working:



On Saturday Freck Beauty decided to donate $5k to BLM funds, but we knew we could join forces with you to do even more. Thank you for contributing an additional $11,746.55 by purchasing products from our site. Ty to our editor Zak Byrd for donating his time to create the graphics to support this campaign, another $500 in your name. And let’s not forget $50 for our friend who thought she could say “all lives matter” on a Freck post. A total of $17,296.55 to BLM & LA Bail Efforts. 70% / 30%, respectively.


The values of @dollskill are not representative of the inclusive identity of Freck Beauty & our community. We will no longer work with DK or profit off companies that work against the fight to end police brutality & racial injustice.


We have been asked to make a statement disclosing our diverse workplace. While we never want to tally up or tokenize our team, we are proud to say that half of Freck Beauty’s executive team is Black & POC. Our entire corporate office is nearly 60% POC. You can check out the “about'' section of our site to learn about the inspiring women who make it all happen.


Regarding the name of our cleanser, MUGSHOT: There’s always room for growth & improvement. Thank you for your feedback, we heard you & pulled it from the site immediately on 5/31. New branding is quickly in the works for the same formula. From now until forever 20% of profits will be donated to BLM funds. We can all always do better.



featured image: Munroe Bergdorf


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