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Cheekslime 3 Ways with Visible June

Welcome to the world, CHEEKSLIME

The question we ask with every new product is why does it deserve to get to market. Freck isn't the type to launch a product just to make a buck- we've got the earth to think about. In order for us to bring something to market, we need to believe & know that it's better than anything else on the shelves of your favorite beauty brands.

With CHEEKSLIME, we set out to make the most versatile, longest lasting, universally flattering, good for your skin, blush-esque pigment on the market. And when we rolled all of those things together, we found a slimy texture at the end of the R+D road. Packed with plant collagen & no bs ingredients, she's here to make sure the apples of your cheeks (and lips, and lids) are plump and bouncy. Errybody wants that.. On top of that, the formula also has the perfect gel to matte-ish finish, so once she's on, she's on all day. A little goes a long way, so order yours now to start playing.

Today, we've teamed up with our pal @visiblejune to show you some easy & buildable (not to mention stunning) ways to wear CHEEKSLIME. She starts out the look with a more natural application, building as she goes into an avant-garde eGirl moment. Just.. heaven :) 

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  • jjess

    STUNNIN’!!! The Cheek Slime components are super cute as well ;)

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