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"I don't have any rules, because I would only be breaking them." -Iris Apfel.

This was probably before crocs were around, because the only rule I've had for the last 15 years is "never, ever, not in a million years, will I wear a pair of crocs".  When Leandra Medine was wearing them a few years ago I proclaimed the end of Man Repeller.

Friends, I'm here to tell you that a month ago I broke my one cardinal rule. The response has been extreme to all ends of the spectrum, and it feels great. To that point: as soon as I bought my pair I've seen tons of bloggers and cool kids around LA doing the same. If you're thinking of making the jump into ridiculousness too- may these photos be your spirit guide. And yes, they are just as cool with socks so I'll be croc-rockin all the way into FW2020.

I wish you all the best on your croc journey. 

xo, Remi

Image Credit via Indie Mag

Image credit via Getty, Teen Vogue

Image credit via Man Repeller

Image credit via Man Repeller

Image credit via Getty Images

Image Credit via Indie Mag

Image credit via Getty Images

Image credit via Ariana Grande, Business Wire



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  • Grant Klein

    Crocs are fucking cool

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