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WTF Was That: the 43 Most Ridiculous Moments of the 2010s

What A Decade.

Some fun sh*t, some weird sh*t, some crazy sh*t. And the birth of Freck Beauty : ) Let's take a second to honor all the most ridiculous moments the twenty-tens brought us. It's been a weird one..

  1. Instagram is invented in 2010. (Which means you’ve probably spent over 5,000 hours scrolling at this point..)
  2. In 2012 people seriously think the world is going to end
  3. Emojis are invented
  4. Leonardo DeCaprio finally wins an oscar
  5. Someone eats someone's face off from bath salts in Floriday. The guy with the face lives.
  6. An airplane dissapears and we never find it
  7. Lady Gag's meat dress
  8. RIP Bowie, Prince, Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain & Mac Miller
  9. Razor scooters come back (tiiight)
  10. Highlighter comes to market. Praise be.
  11. 50 years since the first lunar landing
  12. Liquid water is found on the moon
  13. Some crazy girl convinces people that Freckles are sexy
  14. Same sex mairrage finally becomes legal!
  15. Mass acceptance of electric vehicles
  16. People. Ate. Tide. Pods.
  17. Avocado toast
  18. Euphoria changes the world of makeup forever
  19. Rihanna launches Fenty Beauty & becomes the most successful woman in music, ever
  20. Uber, tinder, postmates & venmo are invented.. honestly how did we live before?
  21. The rise & fall of vaping
  22. Athleisure somehow becomes high fashion
  23. Self-driving cars are invented
  24. We all fall in love with Millie Bobby Brown & Stranger Things
  25. The official downfall of Myspace happens in 2011
  26. This guy exists
  27. 40% of couples now meet on dating apps
  28. R. Kelly finally goes to prison
  29. Weed is legalized
  30. Avatar becomes the #2 highest grossing movie of all time
  31. The world is blessed with meme accounts
  32. #metoo
  33. The whole trollface thing??
  34. China abolishes its one-child policy
  35. Millenials are officially the largest generation
  36. A bunch of people joked about raiding Area 51 & the government took them seriously
  37. First black president, hell fuckin yeah
  38. "Conscious uncoupling" becomes a thing
  39. Matthew McConaughey becomes a *serious* actor

That's it. Cheers to another rediculous decade. <3 

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