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24 Hours in Big Bear like a Boss


We went to Big Bear!

Most companies have holiday parties, right? Well, we took a holiday TRIP! We took the Freck team and their +1s up to Big Bear for a quick holiday trip between the holiday craziness at work. We stayed on the lake, ate some food, roasted s'mores and went snow tubing. It was the perfect way to spend some time in the snow and hang out without talking shop. Here are all the spots we hit up while on the mountain! 


Images via Noon Lodge

Image via Travis Waddell

Noon Lodge seemed to be a clear choice here, especially in Big Bear which isn't exactly aesthetically oriented (it's ok, the town has other things to offer). It comes without saying that you need a big place to house a whole team and their boo thangs. Noon Lodge is in a bay on the lake, with multiple fire pits, a fireplace, pool, and bocce ball.


Image via Fire Rock Burgers and Brews
Fire Rock Burgers and Brews is right in the Village, just a few minutes from Noon Lodge and all the other activities. Their menu is filled with tons of crazy burger options. I got the one with pineapple ;)... 

Teddy Bear Restaurant is another spot that we stopped at in the village. They're known for the HUGE chicken pot pie that can easily feed two people (Remi is obsessed)..

Image via @clairethomas

The Captain's Anchorage is the last name you think you'd hear in a mountain town. But if you love prime rib, this is apparently THE place to go.


Ok so you know we only had 24 hours to do as much as we could...and half of that time was eating haha. Of course, we couldn't leave town without doing something in the snow!

The Bowling Barn was the first activity we hit up after lunch at Fire Rock. This wasn't on the agenda, but you could not miss the giant red barn on the corner before entering the village on the way to lunch.

After dinner at The Captain's Anchorage, we headed back to Noon Lodge for games, smores, and secret Santa by the fire. A game of Uno, marshmallows, and presents...what more could you want?

Tubing at Snow Summit was on the agenda for the next day. Can you believe that there were multiple people that have never seen snow before?! What a better way to spend 24 hours in Big Bear than to bring them to the slopes for their first time. Of course we couldn't get ski lessons and gear rentals for everyone, so tubing on the slope was the next best thing! We have tons of photos from tubing so peep them below ;).

24 hours doesn't seem like much time to spend in Big Bear, but we did lots more than we expected we could do! Let us know what we should hit up next time when we're back! :)

xx Team Freck

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