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Freck University Is In Session

Welcome to Freck University

A fun little artistry initiative we're doing to educate our community on our products, our story, and how we got here. Peep the full syllabus below and make sure you check back because new class content will be going up all summer long. 



History 101: The Inception of Freck Beauty

How did someone with a passion for clean beauty create the first faux freckle makeup product that’s actually good? From a small apartment on the east side of LA to sold out at Sephora. Learn about the inception of Freck Beauty by founder Remi

Chemistry: Clean Beauty 101

What makes a product “clean” and what does that even mean? We’ll show you! Learn the basics of clean skincare and makeup in this quick intro course.

Philosophy: Freckles 101

Since the dawn of time freckles have always been cute, but it wasn’t until FRECK OG that they became possible for everyone to possess. Learn about the history of freckles, our incredible faux freckle formulas, and how they work.

Color Theory: CHEEKSLIME 

Orange Wine or Fielding? What’s your preferred CHEEKSLIME shade? Find your perfect shades and discover our multi use flush of color for all over face makeup freedom in this color theory workshop.

Calligraphy: Graphic LASHROCKET LINER Tutorial 

Want to create graphic eye looks Maddy Perez would envy? We got you with a LASHROCKET LINER tutorial straight from the artist herself, Alex French, to have you lining like an angsty teen on a paid cable network show ASAP.

Advanced Art: SLIMELIGHT Strobe Science

Learn the science of the strobe using SLIMELIGHT Holographic Highlighter with Plant Collagen.

Advanced Art: Freckle Contouring

Bet you didn’t know you could use freckles to contour the face to sculpt the cheekbones, jawline, and nose, and forehead. Take this advanced course to learn how to utilize our two different FRECK formulas to create this look. 

Excited? So are we!
Make sure to tag us along the way and let us know how you like attending our Bold, Clean Beauty University to get featured on our socials.  Until then, get ready for school and shop for some school supplies. 


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