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Our Top 23 Fav Images *Ever*



There’s a lot of new faces around here these days, thanks for joining the freck fam! As a celebration for those of you who have been around a while, as well as those who just got here- were rounding up Freck’s top 23 favorite community images of *all time*. Meaning, the images that y'all posted and tagged us in that have literally shaped the path of this brand. We watch & listen to everything you guys write on the web (not to be creepy..), so we mean it when we say that Freck is made for you

On that note, if you're interested in throwing around ideas in our research & development community thread we would love to hear from you! Text "R+D" to +1 (310) 388-8056

See ya on the gram,
xo Team Freck


@esantoinette | MUA @jennanicoleofficial, Model @dejamonett


@chinutay | Model @indiaalexandrial, Photo @iulia_david_photography, MUA @vivis_makeup

@sarikathakorlal | @o.ll_ie2.0

@donutbutts | @girrlscout | @caitmarks | @aiiischa

MUA @minnie_mua, Model @katiaandre_, Photo @hannahillierphotography

MUA @sofiabparis, Model @melissatoure | @orionvanessa

MUA @vivis_makeup, Model @hancross, Photo @zuziazawada, Hair @notanotherstylist | no source

MUA @ashleapenfold, Model @lauraoazevedo

@shop31suns | @scandinative | @izzycarmeliarose | MUAH @taniellejaimua, Model @tia_mallia, Photo @studioflamingo, Styling @ashleighkelly


*cover @orionvanessa

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