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We are thrilled to welcome FRECK NOIR to the Freck Beauty family.

When we launched FRECK OG, we aimed to perfect the world’s first faux freckle, a product that everyone could easily apply and wear boldly. FRECK NOIR is the same formula that broke the internet, now in a deeper & cooler tone, specifically designed for mid to dark skin tones.

 Freck Production Director, Jasmine, was both the muse and driving force behind NOIR so in celebration of the launch, Remi asked her all your burning questions. Here’s how it all went down, straight from the source:



REMI: If you could describe the process of creating FRECK NOIR in 3 words, what would you say?
JAS: Challenging, inclusive, engaging.

REMI: What was your favorite part of developing FRECK NOIR?
JAS: Getting more insight on shade range. This really gave me a deeper look into how shades either contrast or blend into skin.

REMI: What does shade expansion in beauty mean to you?
JAS: Shade expansion across all beauty categories needs to be the standard at this point. The beauty industry is finally in place of recognition, beginning to understand that all people do not fall into 4 hues of skin tone. There is still so much work to be done, though.

REMI: How did it feel to share a product you developed with your friends and family back in Trinidad?
JAS: I was so proud to be able to share something that I am not only passionate about but contributes to inclusivity for people of color. It felt amazing to be able to share this journey with parents who have both worked so hard to support me in wherever my dreams took me.



REMI: Are there are black owned beauty companies that inspire you?
JAS: JUVIA’S PLACE! I am all about their pigments and ability to make such beautiful colors that reach all people of color. Their authenticity to African Culture is a tribute to all people of color trying to make it in America.

REMI: What’s next for you Jasmine?
JAS: For the time being, I am doing a lot of internal work to progress in my life. We have so many exciting projects in the pipeline and I am learning so much every day. I really have been blessed this last year and I want to honor that by continuing to work on myself, my skills and feeding my creative nature.

REMI: What memorable moment through this journey stands out to you most?
JAS: When I tested the first sample, I realized the responsibility I felt to create an amazing Faux Freckle product for people of color. Remi knocked it out of the park and set a really high bar for a product that brings out the natural beauty in people.  I really wanted to introduce something like this to my community, Faux freckles are not a heavily circulated trend that translates the same for people of color and I am hoping this will be the opportunity to change that.

REMI: If you could see one celebrity in FRECK NOIR, who would it be?
JAS: 100% Rihanna, she has the most adorable natural freckles already that I think NOIR would only accentuate, highlighting her beauty even more!

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