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Introducing OOZEpaper: Love Letters from Remi

We published a magazine while you weren't looking..


If you’ve placed an order in the last month, you’ve noticed that we’re shipping OOZEpaper with every order. It’s our new limited edition zine that ships with every order & is placed around LA, NY & LDN in the chicest hangs. Expect a steady flow of content hitting your inbox from now on.. your Freck drip. To kick things off, we’re sharing Remi’s Summer 19 Editor's note.

When I look at Freck Beauty, I see hundreds of faces: those who inspire me every day, are endless sounding boards, and have shaped Freck as it stands today & where we'll be in years to come. Freck came into this world as “the freckle company”, but we are here to change that. We seek to empower and promote the creatives and entrepreneurs that surround us. We are a magazine, a blog, a podcast, a radio station, and a travel authority. We are long form & short form by way of .mov, .mp3, and .jpeg. And so, I’m thrilled to share with you the incredible artists, writers & creators that make up the Freck Fam-- consider this our yearbook.
OOZEpaper: a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of Freck Beauty
OOZEpaper will celebrate each season by highlighting creators who are shaking up their industries, rounding up insight from brilliant business babes, adding new destinations to your bucket-list, replacing your stale Pitchfork reviews, and more. Our dream is that you will collect the issues, cut them up to pin to your wall, doodle over the images, or whatever you do to make them yours. Because at the end of the day, Freck Beauty exists for you and because of you. With all our heart, we’re yours.


xo Remi Brixton | @hi.remi
CEO + Founder of Freck Beaty



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