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Looks by Lexington | Fake Freckles Tutorial


You gotta practice in order to get your liner sharp af & your highlight poppin; think of Freck just the same. You gotta give it a couple go’s to get your perfect freckled look just right. Our favorite Freck looks range from subtle fresh bb faces to unique artistic approaches to uber-realistic full faces. Team Freck and I always look through our tagged images on Instagram and always ask, “can this be a fake freckles tutorial?!”. So that we could follow along with you talented babes.

Check out Looks by Lexington‘s fake freckles tutorial for an everyday application of Freck.

I love seeing the way y’all use Freck, literally fills my little heart with joy. Would you like to see another fake freckles tutorial? Maybe Team Freck and I could come up with some tips and tricks. Let us know in the comments!

xo Remi (Freck Founder)


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