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Testing the Best & Worst Magnetic Liner/Lash Systems So You Don't Have To

Hey guys!

Someone in the office brought up magnetic gel *liner* that you stick your magnetic lashes to (rather than lash glue). Crazy what we can do with science now :). Having never even heard of this, I had to see what it was all about and figured I'd film the journey to share with you guys. This is my first ever youtube, ha, so forgive any awkwardness or jumping off camera on accident, lol.

Lemme know what you think about these kinds of videos! We're deciding if we want to do them more regularly and would love your feedback. 

x Remi 

*Remi is wearing Lid Lick in Partywave and the UFOMFG Palette in The Most & Possy

**UPDATE: I ended up loving the second pair and keeping them on all night after I left the office. Probably would still stick to regular falsies but I can totally see them being perfect for someone who wears falsies all the time. 

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  • Kelly

    Honestly, I think that you got what you paid for FIRST…. SECONDLY….I do believe that if you tried the better known magnetic lashes that your results would have been completely different! You know like"Glamnetic?" Or what ever and also…you are fkg Hilarious! Great job! I had a lot of fun just watching! Peace out! Kelly

  • jjess

    You are ADORABLE!! I agree with you that the magnetic eyelashes are gimmicky. Though, for someone just starting out trying to apply lashes, or someone that just struggles with applying them for whatever reason, it could be an option. Thank you for the video!

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