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NOIR Creator Spotlight: @muakhads

Last but never least in our NOIR creator series is @muakhads, a perpetual ray of sunshine in our Instagram feed.

Known for her brightly colored and highly skilled eye looks, Khadija’s creativity is unmatched - we would honestly kill to spend an afternoon in her daydreams.



FRECK: What inspired you to begin creating content and what is your favorite content to create?
KHADIJA: I want to say the YouTube community: specifically, Michelle Phan, Jackie Aina and James Charles, to name a few. I saw the content they were creating on YouTube and was following them on Instagram as well, and took it upon myself to try to post on Instagram. I said to myself that the worst-case scenario would be that no one would see my art, and I literally never expected it to go far! My favourite content to create is definitely creative/editorial looks! I enjoy basing my looks off of things I have seen whether it be through movies or in everyday life! 

FRECK: What does shade expansion in beauty mean to you?
KHADIJA: To me, shade expansion means that brands are creating shades of foundation and concealer that all individuals can wear. I find it disappointing that brands create extensive lines of concealers and foundations and at the end of the day, the only people who could use these products are people with a fairer/lighter complexion. As a black woman, I hope brands start to take darker skin tones into consideration and move towards being more inclusive.

FRECK: How would you describe your FRECK NOIR style?
KHADIJA: I would describe my freckle style as being “cutesy.” I love to start at my nose and slowly bring the freckles to the apples of my cheeks. I usually stop and blend my blush against the freckles to make them appear softer. 

FRECK: Is there a dream product that you wish existed?
KHADIJA: I would like to say self-cleaning brushes? I mean how cool would that be! But on a serious note maybe a colourless foundation that blends effortlessly into your skin tone. What a dream!

FRECK: Excluding NOIR, what is your desert island Freck product?
KHADIJA: Easy! Color is everything, so I have 2 - hands down CHEEKSLIME in Fielding and LID LICK in Party Wave.


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