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Shop Small 2020 Guide

When you shop small, you’re supporting an individual or small team that needs to pay for rent, groceries, their employees if they have them. Every purchase counts 💕. Not to mention, small designers have more interesting products than corporations. And!! When you shop small, it’s a fun thing to talk about when you gift. It’s so much more thoughtful to the recipient than a PS5. Since this is Instagram, we are highlighting online BIPOC, Womxn, Indigenous & Queer‑owned brands as much as possible. Please make sure to shop local whenever you can, even buying your toothbrush from the corner store instead of CVS helps keep our communities afloat during this incredibly difficult time for small businesses. If you’re able to this holiday season, please consider vowing to shop small to keep the vibrancy of our online & irl communities alive & well!!
Xo Remi (freck founder + ceo)


No. 1
Kozha Numbers


My *favorite* handbag company is 25% off until Monday. Womxn owned, manufactured in Portland OR, and inspired by architecture. Hubba hubba.

No. 2


Made in Portugal with GOTS certified organic cotton‑ these towels are heckin cute. Womxn owned & operated!

No. 3
Alexandria Cummings Ceramics


Small batch, hand thrown ceramics made if Portland. Her shop isn’t live until early December, but I’ll for sure be checking back for last minute gifting (and for myself, duh) 

No. 4


Pronounced “Kay‑koh”, this LA based brand is almost too cool. The real winner gift from their winter 2020 collection isn’t on IG yet‑ but they have the dopest water bottles. I already snagged 3 as gifts and they’ve already all been claimed.

No. 5
Likely Makeup

A beloved freck fam member, Jordi *continues* to slay with the most unique, avant‑garde falsies. An absolute perfect gift for the beauty lovers in ur life. 

No. 6
Heaven's Market


The coolest wine gal & flower gal in East LA are about to open their Chinatown Flagship store :) In anticipation of their grand opening, they have put together a curated gift store on their website where I will ~definitely~ be shopping these fruit‑shaped jazz‑tobacco pipes. For my friends. 

No. 7


I feel like kids presents are especially hard to shop small if you’re not a parent‑ this is a great spot to shop for kiddos ages 0‑7. Lido is based in Chicago, is Black owned, and offers shipping. 🍼

No. 8
Coming Soon NY


For the host(ess) with the mostest. 😘

No. 9


I recently won a pair of these earrings and I am in LOVE. This newly launched QWOC brand designs polymer clay earrings by hand that have become my daily drivers. Not to mention, 20% of sales are donated through Monday directly by Yrs‑ AND her community is matching the other 80%. For every $ you spend, a $ goes directly to @fires_igniting_the_spirit: Indigenous led Decolonization. 💥

No. 10
Kiosk 48th


Danish webshop offering carefully (and v danishly) curated interior goods. Looking at these cuties for those who need help organizing their vanities.

No. 11
Sleepy Jes


Incredible WOC artist based in Portland, OR. She does original works & prints depending on your budget. 

No. 12
Ian Charms


Don’t EVEN get me started on how obsessed I am with Ian Charms rn. Just ordered some custom bbs for me & my sibling and I couldn’t be more stoked for them to arrive. I’m sure my boo couldn’t be more stoked either, so I’ll finally stop checking the mailbox.

No. 13
Chelsea Paris


Recently re‑launched Black owned shoe brand that knooows what’s going on this season when it comes to boots. 

No. 14
Faculty World 


Have a conversation about masculinity & how undeniably🔥 men in nail polish are this holiday season. Faculty World is a new brand that focuses on polish just for the boys.

No. 15


LA’s shining star for queer shirts & prints. 😍

No. 16
Holiday The Label


Amazing unisex fits from Australia. Womxn owned & repped by Gigi Hadid, what else is there to say. 

No. 17

Ok, listen. This is the sexiest, most comfortable cotton thong in the world. I searched the internet for years before Cuccia launched & I’m never going back. Probably more of a gift for yourself, I’ll be stuffing my own stocking with these bad boys.

No. 18

* just to reiterate the above *

No. 19


WOC owned bad ass ceramicist based in brooklyn! And, 15% off site wide through Monday. Last year I gifted 3 of her fruit bowls, a smash hit 💌

No. 20
Little Beast

For the fur parent in ur life.. you can now buy long sleeve fleece turtlenecks for their dog or cat. I repeat, fleece. 🐩

No. 21
Indigo Arrows


Indigenous owned interior designer who also has her own line of home goods. We love a giant circle moment‑ as you probably know by now. ⚪️

No. 22
Dayity and Co.


Body inclusive & everything you want in a sculptural candle. A sure win for the shelfie taker in your group. 

No. 23
T Label


100% proceeds of *all* purchases this weekend go to @sheltercharity ‑ to end homelessness in England & Scotland. Also, these gloves are netted heaven so that makes for a win‑win.

No. 24
Low Level


.. need I say more? Philadelphia based xerox artist with limited edition errythang.

No. 25
Bucks Books 


Gallery & archive in pdx celebrating queer books, magazines, art & ephemera. 🤩

No. 26


LA based loungewear bc we all know we’ve a) blown out our sweatpants this year and b) somehow now want to feel.. sexy?.. in sweats?.. i no, i never though those words would ever come out of my mouth either.

No. 27
Acorn Coffee Cup


A soon‑to‑launch subscription that brings exceptional coffee to your door, founded by a United States Roaster Championship winner. I love gifting subscriptions bc it’s tiny gifts throughout the year 😎

No. 28


Ginew is the only Native American‑owned denim line. Even beyond denim, this husband/ wife duo kills it— their waxed canvas is perfection.

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