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Cannaseurs: Cutting Edge Cannabis Self Care


If you’re anything like us, January is YOUR month.

We re-set our bodies after an explosion of holiday stress, festivities & overindulgence. Today, our designers (read: weed experts) have rounded up the best self-care cannabis products that his the following marks:
  1. It works, really well
  2. Sexy packaging bc ur classy af
  3. You haven't even heard of it yet.

    Hey Freck fam! Nasera and Sofia here, the unofficial ‘canna-couple’ of Freck. We are behind all the juicy brand visuals and product design you all know and love. Our passion for the plant goes deep so we were honored to be asked to write this for ya’ll! 

    To put it simply,  we are one of those couples that met in real life… at a dispensary. Cannabis plays many important roles in our lives; a source of focus, inspiration, creativity, social connection, but most importantly self care. We’ve come up with a post-holiday R&R list featuring something special for everyone, from the featherweights to the cannaseurs.  Bone-Apple-Tea!

    Foria Pleasure & Foria Awaken Natural Arousal Oil (@foriawellness)

    Image via Foria

    We literally could not write this list without mentioning the OG Cannabis Arousal Oil. A bottle of Foria is the chocolate-dipped cherry on top of Date Night...incredible for solos too. Their intoxicating 100% organic-certified coconut MCT oil blend is formulated for people with vaginas and has users reporting access to deeper orgasms. Do we really need to say anything else??? Both THC and CBD versions available. However, important to note it is not compatible with latex. 

    Foria Relief Vaginal Suppositories (@foriawellness)

    Image via Foria

    If you thought suppositories were a scary thing we’re about to change your mind. These 100% organic-certified cocoa butter suppositories by Foria were specifically designed to ease menstrual/pelvic discomfort and inflammation from the inside out. A close friend of ours suffers from Endometriosis and experiences debilitating pain each month; These have been a life saver for her. You can choose between a THC:CBD ratio or an all hemp-derived CBD, whichever works best for you. This gem melts on contact with your body so refrigerate before use (obvi)!    

    Level Tabs CBG Protab (@level.blends)

    Image via Level

    This is probably the first time you are hearing about tablinguals. Looks like a mint but dissolves under the tongue for quick release into your system. This precise and discreet way to medicate targets specific cannabinoids, focusing on the effects behind the science first.  

    CBG is the underdog cousin to the ever buzzing CBD trend. When it comes to targeting anxiety and mental stress it is our personal fave. With an anti-inflammatory and non-psychoactive profile, it can be taken at all times of day. All that plus their typographic based brand identity means it is as smart as it is good-looking.

    Kush Queen Bath Bombs(@kushqueenshop)

    Image via Kush Queen

    Some might say the ultimate form of self-care is taking a long bath- We agree. Especially with a diverse product line as Kush Queen’s. They’ve been leading the pack since legalization in the Bath Bombs (and now Topicals) industry. Their bombs come in different colors and effects, for different moods and needs. Since your skin is your largest organ you are *literally*  soaking up the essential oils and CBD like a full-body topical application. This is a great non-smoking alternative to medicating for body pain of all sorts and muscle/tissue discomfort.

    VYBES (@idrinkvybes)

    Image via Newsweek

    Another CBD beverage brand with incredible typography that has been taking over Los Angeles is VYBES. They may have already caught your eye at your local health food store. Each bottle packs 25mg of hemp-derived CBD that’s super incognito (and instagramable). Flavors come in Blueberry Mint, Peach Ginger, Strawberry Lavender, Burning Manderin, and Honey Crisp Apple Basil ..with a color set you can't miss. 

    Potli Hemp Infused Apple Cider Vinegar (@getpotli)

    Image via Potli

    Another women-owned business we love is Potli; they focus on redefining pantry staples with Hemp-Infused CBD. They offer products such as EVOO, chili oil, and raw honey harvested from their own hives in the Bay area. The Apple Cider Vinegar made from fresh pressed apples and can be used as an energetic shot to start the day in your favorite meals. It is non-psychoactive which makes it a great dinner party guest. 

    DEFONCE Chocolates (@defoncechocolatier)

    Image via Defonce

    Let us introduce the most decadent item on our list, Défoncé Chocolatiers. Its ornamental pattern serves a functional purpose, outlining perfect 5mg bites. There are nine bars to choose from with vegan and gluten free options so even the pickiest of eaters (aka Sofía) can enjoy.  Where do we personally use Défoncé? We’ve been known to sneak a bite before catching a flight or melting it down for some chocolate covered strawberries. They contain THC so only experienced pot bbys for these!  

    Beboe Sheet Masks (@beboetherapies)

    Image via Beboe

    You may have heard about Beboe from their signature rose gold vaporizers, but since their debut they’ve expanded into CBD beauty giant, Beboe Therapies. This 30-minute face mask pumps 50mg of hemp-derived CBD into a cloth sheet facial treatment that’s great for all skin types. Perfect for next-level relaxation and combating inflammation. Other products in their catalog include a face serum, body balm, and face cream. All products are infused with hemp-derived CBD and contain no THC, which means they’re easy to order online! We love the small details that carried over with their product expansion, like the geometric artwork and rose gold accents designed by Scott Campbell. 
    Vegan and Cruelty Free.

    Papa & Barkley Releaf Patches (@papaandbarkley)

    Image via Papa & Barkley

    You know those fix-a-leak infomercials where the guy slaps a patch on the hole? That is us when we use Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Patches. They are the ‘Fix it All’ application for that ache that won’t go away or the period cramp that won’t freck off. These single application slow-release patches provide 12 hours of relief through transdermal delivery. This is something we recommend for family members who have expressed interest in medicating with cannabis but not consuming orally.   

    Kikoko - Positivi - Tea (@kikoko_hq)

    Image via Cannabis Now

    Positivi-Tea: This Caffeinated Mint Green Tea contains 10mg THC + 5mg CBD so we recommend this for those with some experience. Kikoko has many different dosage and flavor options to suit your experience level - so there’s no reason not to do you. All teas are Organically Grown  and can be mixed to be incorporated in ‘mocktails.’ Other notable flavors include Sympa-Tea for pain and anxiety, Tranquili-Tea for sleep and relaxation, and Sensuali-Tea for passion. Plus you know how much we love to support women-founded businesses! 
    P.S. They even have infused Manuka honey.

    At the end of the day, the everchanging cannabis industry is in its earliest days and will continue to surprise us with new developments in self care. We hope you’re 420x more relaxed than you were at the beginning of this feature. Let us know if you’d like to see more cannabis content on OOZE or if we should know about one of your favorites! 


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