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The Inception of Freck Beauty


With both middle fingers up and a life-long obsession with freckles, Remi launched FRECK OG, the World's First freckle cosmetic. In 2017 Freck Beauty debuted its beauty mark on an industry traditionally inclined to cover them up and has been changing the game ever since. From clean skincare solutions to bold makeup, Freck Beauty has organically become a cult-favorite among press, celebrities, influencers, MUAs, retailers, millennials and Gen Z.




With its universal warm tone, FRECK OG is the first long lasting, natural looking faux freckle makeup product. We recommend Remi’s “copy & paste” method: simply dot, let develop then tap them out to diffuse across the face for a gorgeous sun kissed look.


Back in the day, Remi started shipping FRECK OG from her home. Now you can find Freck Beauty all over the globe. 

Find a store location near you to try Freck Beauty products IRL!

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