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The Sounds of SLIMELIGHT, Courtesy of Remi

We all agree to plans in the moment and regret them the day they come around, right? It can’t just be me. And can we all agree that the best part of a night out is actually the part where you’re pre-gaming at home, applying a full beat, and dancing around in half your outfit to the current soundtrack of your life? 

Yep, our CEO and founder, Remi agrees too. That’s why she created this SLIMELIGHT playlist for the Freck Fam who get more hyped getting ready than actually going out.

Luckily when your highlight serves blinding, HD pearlescent luminosity like SLIMELIGHT does, you can’t help but want to show that shine off. And since you all love the way our holographic baddie looks and feels, there’s absolutely no doubt you’ll love how she sounds.

Guaranteed, this entire playlist absolutely slaps—like you will not be able to sit still. Start your night with some divine inspo from an all-time Whitney fave, “Queen of the Night”. Next on the list, Flight Facilities’ “Lights Up” feat. Channel Tres definitely sets a spacey mood, so you can have a little buffer between dance breaks while you plan your outfit.  

From there, even more smash hits and low-key faves from the Bee Gees, Wham, KAYTRANADA and more artists that’ll set the tone for your night out (or in!). 

You’ll want to make sure to start listening about an hour before you have to walk out the door because you do not want to miss out on the final feel-good track, “Cold Heart Remix” compliments of Dua Lipa, the one and only Elton John and PNAU. 

Now that you’ve successfully gotten ready with the help of some musical greats and our CEO, you’re officially prepared to have a night of festivities worthy of your heaven-sent holographic beat. And remember, anytime you need a little extra hype to get you going and glowing, turn to the irresistible sound of SLIMELIGHT.

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