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The Ultimate Beauty Services Giveaway: Los Angeles Edition


Freck is so excited to announce our *fattest* giveaway to date: Los Angeles, this ones for you. Our founder Remi Brixton has teamed up with LA’s lash extension guru to round up the best beauty services in Los Angeles. Hair, nails, massage, facials, we got you.

Remi & Amanda Robinson of Iris+West Lash Co. met 5 years ago on a porch in Silver Lake and the rest is history. After an immediate friendship, Remi worked with Iris+West helping Amanda develop her brand and running her socials for a while. After countless hours of strategizing about all things beauty, we can say without a doubt that these two are Beauty Soulmates. Read along for all that LA's beauty services has to offer, and don’t forget to check out our giveaway at the end of the post for your chance to win over $700 in services from us & our friends who just so happen to be Los Angeles’ crème de la crème.

Remi & Amanda, 2015.


LASHES: Iris+West Lash Co.

RB: Bro, hold me back. I’m so fuckin proud of Amanda & everything she’s done with Iris+West over the last four years. I’ve been seeing her since she moved to LA and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my sensitive baby blues. Now she’s got a brigade of badass babes working alongside her at the West Hollywood I+W studio, all of them trained to expertly execute her signature Easy on the Eyes method of applying one extension to one lash. Sounds simple, but it’s time-consuming and requires patience & talent. I had lash extensions for nearly five years and had them removed multiple times for shoots; every time they came off my lashes looked as healthy as the day I first visited Amanda.

Hold up, I haven’t even gotten to tell you that these are the most natural looking lashes you’re ever gonna see. Everyone thought I just had bangin’ lashes and was shocked when I told them they were extensions. She also does volume lashes if that’s your speed. It’s no wonder that all your favorite LA bloggers see Amanda, she’s the City of Angel’s best-kept secret. Take it from me, Taylor LaShae, Stephanie Liu (Honey n silk), Stella Simona, Courtney Halverson (Pretty Little Fawn), Lindsay Albanese, and so so many more. For the last 6 months, I’ve opted for Iris+West’s low-maintenance lash lifts because your girl doesn’t have time every three weeks. It makes me feel like the prettiest lil cocker spaniel there ever was. If you take anything from this blog post, it’s that you need a set an appointment with this girl immediately. Plan in advance, cause this shit books right up.

Image via Iris+West | Model: Honey n Silk


BROWS: The Brow Gal

RB: I remember reading about The Brow Gal years ago before she opened her first salon on Beverly. I love brows almost as much as my hair (do we see a theme here?), and I’m someone who would opt for a unibrow if I could. I want my brows to be a statement on my face, so I reach daily for TBG’s Instatint: A tinted eyebrow gel formulated with volumizing microfibers to give the look of natural hair. Um, gold mine. It’s similar to Boy Brow, but the grownup sister who’s ready to put in work. I get that not everyone is going for the overgrown look, and lucky for us Tonya & her team are experts at finding your career-making brow shape. Megan Fox, Eva Mendes & Lucy Hale trust TBG with their mugs, she’s the real deal.

MANICURE: Color Camp

AR: I work with my hands all day, touching peoples faces and eyes, so it’s important to me that I have nice, clean, manicured nails. It also means manicures, even gel, rarely stay looking nice for longer than a week before I start looking like I’ve clawed my way out of a grave. Enter Color Camp. Their Super Gel manicures are life changing. LIFE CHANGING! My go-to style is short and dark, or minimalist nail art. Color Camp excels at both, and beyond. And guess what you y’all? My nails look great for weeks at a time (like 4 weeks at a time). I go to their location on Beverly in West Hollywood, but they’re also in Studio City. It’s easy to book, every nail artist there is great, and the customer service is ace.

Image via @color_camp



AR: Ok- this is an easy one. Affordable, effective, easily accessible skincare beauty services, provided by expertly trained estheticians. Every time I go to Hey Day (every 6 weeks or so) I have a tailored service for my needs in the moment and for my long term goals(which for me is plump, glowing skin so that I can skip the makeup). I travel often, and that leaves my skin feeling dehydrated and “bleh”, so sometimes I’ll pop in between regular facials to get a 30 min service and I leave feeling like a million bucks. The space is beautiful, and relaxing, and honestly, if I could get a facial there everyday just so I could lounge around on their sofas I would.

HAIR: Ramirez Tran

RB: As you might know, my hair is my #1 most prized possession. I blame an early obsession with Alexa Chung and growing up with a hairdresser. Being my Beauty BFF, it’s no surprise that Amanda & I had unknowingly been going to different hairdressers at Ramirez Tran Salon for years. Grace Zip is my main squeeze, I actually sent her maybe (nay, certainly) the craziest email of my life 4 years ago explaining all the subtle nuances of color & cut that Alexa is able to pull off within a 2” hair length comfort zone. Guess what? She still took me on as a client and she killed it.

Her color is effortless yet technical, she understands my confusing layman’s terms, and (the best part) I can go in every couple months or make it last a year if I don’t have time to make it to Beverly Hills. Since I’m pretty busy running Freck, I really appreciate that she tailors my hair around my unpredictable schedule so I look fly for as long as possible. (Amanda goes to Erin McKay and has gone everywhere from black to root-y neutral blond and everywhere in between.) Grace & Erin are the bees knees, but anyone able to land a job at Ramirez Tran can be trusted with your hair and your life.

Side note: if you wanna really see inside the mind of a crazy hair person, check out my post on my Holy Grail Beauty Products.

Image via Grace Zip | Model Cailin Russo[/caption]

TANNING & WAXING: Sugared + Bronzed

RB: I spray tan. I go pretty randomly without reason, just when I feel like it. The only constant is when I wanna look buff before going into a big meeting with a bunch of men, it makes me feel empowered. :) With 10 locations across LA & NY, Sugared+Bronzed is my go-to because A) waxing scares me and B) two-birds, ya know? Running Freck has my hands pretty full, so anywhere I can knock out two flawless services while only parking once is a no brainer for me. Founder Courtney Claghorn is a such an inspiring, young powerhouse of an entrepreneur, can’t wait to see where she brings S+B next!


RB: Once upon a couple years ago, I was really into $30 Thai massages. It was amazing. For thirty american dollars I could get into my zen zone twice a month without breaking the bank. Enter: TMJ, this really cool thing where your jaw starts popping & locking (and not in the good way) when you eat hard things or put unnecessary pressure on your jaw. Because of my TMJ I now have to save up and go to nicer massage spots that I know can be really careful with my upper back when I’m belly-down. The Now has been around for a few years now, but I’d consider it a Los Angeles self-care staple that is still aesthetically relevant and clean as a whistle. If you go to the Silver Lake location, try to get in with Tinelle. She’s a muscular god send who knows exactly what mama needs.


AR: The Things We Do is a new concept bar founded by Vanessa Lee. You may have seen her around IG. If you scroll through Vanessa's page it’s clear that she is not in the business of changing people's faces, or making them look like a different person. Instead she asks, “What do you love about your face?” and goes from there. She is definitely the authority on injectables and rejuvenation beauty services. While I haven’t taken the plunge yet, if anyone was going to touch my face it would be her. Or one of the incredible service providers there. P.S. they also offer facials and cupping services.

Amanda & I had so much fun collaborating with each other on this post, who knows maybe you’ll see us taking over OOZE together again soon. A new, ongoing Beauty BFF series, who knows? Let us know if we missed any of your favorites spots in the comments! And, without further ado . . .


Freck is so excited to announce our *fattest* giveaway to date: The Ultimate Beauty Services Giveaway, Los Angeles edition. We’ve teamed up with our 4 favorite salons in the City of Angels. One lucky Angelino can go ham with over $700 in beauty services, on us. Drumroll please.

- Freck’s entire Cactus Collection skincare line ($150 value)
- A full set of flawless lash extensions from @irisandwest ($125 value)
- Nail Art manicures for you & a friend from @color_camp ($190 value)
- Brow beauty services from @thebrowgal, along with their convertible brow powder duo, angled brush, instatint & clear setting gel ($140 value)
- Sugaring Service & Express Tan from @suganredandbronzed ($100 value)

1) Tag your Beauty BFF in this photos comments

2) Follow @sugaredandbronzed, @thebrowgal, @color_camp, @irisandwest & @freck, we will be checking!
3) You must live in Los Angeles
4) Winner will be notified via stories on Monday 1/29 at 4pm
5) Multiple entries are allowed. Good luck, babes!

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  • Sophia

    I read your content, it’s really very informative. I’m thankful to share this knowledge. keep it up. please share a detailed information on waxing

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