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The New Brow Treatment You Never Knew You Needed


It's 2020 and we have *arrived*

I was recently out with my Beauty BFF Amanda when she asked if I had heard about brow lamination. As the queen of looking (and acting) like I'm "low maintenance" I had to hear more. Basically it's a lash lift for your brows, and it's the best thing since sliced bread. Stay tuned for a *lot* of photos of my brows and an in depth explanation of the process.

The technique was developed in Russia, and is quickly making a name for itself in early-adopting salons across the US. Lamination is a great first step or alternative to Microblading-- I have big brows, but Lamination is a solid option for any gapping, overplucked or thinning brows.

Back story: I have loong eyebrows. I'm not complaining, but without my trusty 3-layer brow-gel sculpting technique they are curling & flying all over the place like Nosferatu. To add some excitement & danger, I have never had anyone touch my brows. I don't pluck them, haven't had them waxed, and they are in their full natural bushy curly glory. I put it all on the line for brow lamination and I now have perfect brows for EIGHT beautiful carefree weeks. 

Thank you Amanda for helping us put this together: her team at Iris + West Lash Co. is Los Angeles' best-kept secret for all things lashes & brows. Definitely pay them a visit if you're in LA. <3 Pro tip: if you want to do a bit of brow rehab before your lamination, try rubbing Lil Prick Cacts Seed Dry Serum over your brows during your skincare routine. I get DMs every week praising the natural oils in LP for their hair regrowth effects :)


Step 1: Clean & Shape Your lil pups need to be squeaky clean to accept the product as effectively as possible. With her spoolie, Amanda is combing the brows in place to see what the best look is for my face shape & brow density.

Step 2: Flatten & Fine Comb Here, Amanda is using a spoolie to apply a water-based adhesive to set my brows into the desired shape. From there, she's using a fine pic to make sure each of my curly bbs is perfectly straight. This isn't normally in the process, but Amanda is a perfectionist and my brows have a mind of their own :)

Step 3: Apply Lifting Solution Maybe the most fun part. She's essentially applying a perming solution that not only straightens my brow hairs, but lifts them in a vertical direction. It's semi-permanent soapbrows and I'm here for it. Then Amanda covers my brows in saran wrap to keep them straight, flat, and unjostled. 

Step 4: Neutralize with Lamination Solution After the brows have been lifted for 5 minutes, laminate for another 5 minutes. Look how crisp these babies are starting to look. 

Step 5: Remove Product You're almost done..

Step 6: Final Touches If you don't have huge caterpillars, you'll likely already be done. But if your brows need any extra juujing, Amanda goes in to point trim your brows. For a natural look, make sure your technician does not cut your brow hairs straight across the top.

Ahh, the wonders of brow lamination. I've had mine for about two weeks and am in LOVE. They are a little less vertical from the first day when these photos were taken, and still very much large and in charge. I actually like them more and more each day as they settle in. The hairs are still totally moveable so you can brush & style them however you please.

Here I am, today, two weeks into my new beauty addiction that I'll never go without.

 And since I know you want it, here's a before & after. Oddly satisfying, isn't it? 

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