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World, meet SLIMELIGHT


If you know and love us here at Freck Beauty, you know there’s nothing we care about more than quality—okay maaaybe originality. Luckily, our latest product launch embodies both.

Meet CHEEKSLIME’s bright and slime-y sister, SLIMELIGHT. She comes in peace, but proceed with caution because she is blinding AF. Although we’d love to claim SLIMELIGHT was simply sent from above, the true story is that she came from all of you. Yes, you. Who knew that you brilliant babes would start using the eyeshadow shade BIG BANG from our UFOMFG Palette as a highlighter! Thanks to all of you reporting back to our customer service, we had yet another idea to change the game. Enter the versatile and extragalactic SLIMELIGHT Multi-mineral Hologram Highlighter.

We created SLIMELIGHT with a complex of essential minerals that help energize and balance skin and packed the formula with unique HD pearls that shift color at every angle for an out-of-this-world holographic glow. She’s lightweight, easily buildable, long-wearing, and did we mention, comfy AF—thanks to that smooth, slime texture we’re obsessed with.

When using SLIMELIGHT, you can be hella extra by building pigment and blending quickly ‘til you’re blinding everyone in sight. Or for a more subtle glow, try mixing with other liquid makeup products or moisturizers. 

She’s in demand so order yours now to see the hype around the world’s first slime highlighter, AKA the last highlighter you’ll ever want.

Available in three heaven-sent shades, SPACE FACE (a luminous violet), BIG BANG (a reflective golden green) and  BEAM MACHINE (a bronzed pink).


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