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Are We Made Yet? Freck OG is a Glossier Fav




Woooow. 💫

You know I'm obsessed with Glossier & look up to Emily Weiss like the Business Beyonce of cosmetics that she is. No matter how great of a team someone has, you can't raise $186M and grow a company to over a $1B valuation without the brain of a rocket scientist. She's my beauty biz idol and I would pretty much give anything to take her to lunch (hmu if you're reading this, Em).



Which is why I am over the moon to tell you guys that we are *drumroll please* on Into The Gloss' Favorite Products, June 2019 Edition. Check it out below! K bye, I'll just be dancing like this guy till dawn.

xo, Remi

“My summer look is cold fruit, dresses that don’t touch my body, glossy lips and freckles. So many freckles! I swear, as soon as the calendar strikes June, my cheeks explode in a constellation of them. For times when I want even more, I’ve been using Freck OG. It’s easier to maneuver than a brow pen, which is what I’ve used to draw on freckles in the past. The consistency is similar to a liquid liner, and you can control how much of it you use for each dot. Then, you just tap them with your finger to blend. It only comes in one color, but how quickly and how much you dab them determines how dark the pigment will dry. The result is irregular, natural looking freckles that stay on all day and don’t smudge (because freckles don’t smudge). I like to dot it right on top of the ones I already have, but you could use them to equal effect just drawing them on randomly, or on top of foundation. My only qualm is that it isn't bigger! Here’s to a freckly summer.” 
Ali Oshinsky

Jump to Into The Gloss to read the full feature! 


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